Last year, I posted a question on my Facebook page asking if any moms out there knew of a good kids’ cookbook. I didn’t receive many responses, but the majority that I did receive, mentioned the Pampered Chef kids’ cookbook. Naturally, it was out of print.

Well, a few months later, I stumbled upon that very cookbook on for $3! I ordered it, wrapped it up for Christmas and presented it to all of the kids! For over a year now, I’ve had a routine of taking one child with me each week to buy groceries. It’s a fun thing for them, and for me. We get to visit, just the two of us. They can help select which cereal to buy, flavor of ice cream, etc. They get to pick up a free cookie at the store’s bakery, and they really love that. (Yes, all children get a free cookie!) They  can even take a few dollars of their own money along and buy a candy bar at the checkout. Upon purchasing this new cookbook, I added a new tradition to this one. Each week, the child who goes with me to the store also gets to pick out a recipe from the cookbook to make with me! Today, Laci made her selection: Banana Cream Pie!

 The crust is finished, with a layer of Bananas! Next, is the filling! 🙂
Laci did a fine job stirring up the pudding for the filling.

Tada! All done! We can’t wait to taste it after supper tonight. 
I am truly a chart-type personality. I love lists and schedules. Sometimes, I get so focused on what must get done, that I forget to have fun! I have so much laundry every day, homeschooling, cleaning, over-seeing of chores, cooking, more cleaning, grading, and on and on! It’s easy to forget to smile, to laugh, to enjoy a good book with little ones, or to have fun in the kitchen. I know, some may think that by “scheduling” time with each child, I’m taking away some of the fun. “Why not be spontaneous?” they wonder. Well, I guess that’s just not me. But Laci enjoyed it, scheduled or not, and so did I. 


2 thoughts on “Putting Fun in the Schedule

  1. Anonymous says:

    Umm, the pie looks good! I think you have a great idea to take a different child to the store with you each week. It's a wonderful way to have quality time with each child and also to help them learn many financial, nutritional,and other skills. The addition of the recipe/cooking choice will enhance your special time together.


  2. Ava Kinsey says:

    What a fun tradition! That pie looks YUMMY!


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