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The Lord’s Protection

As I was working last Tuesday, I heard a loud cracking sound outside. I then heard yelling children. Lauren said, “I’m so glad Matthew was over by the swing!” I looked out the window of my bathroom and saw the large tree limb that had fallen. It was a dead limb, left over from the severe ice storm of 2000. It hit the roof of the tree house, then the ground below, where several of my children have been known to gather and play. Praise the Lord, they were not there when this limb fell, they were off in another part of the yard. Also, we are grateful that the tree house wasn’t damaged. There are more dead limbs that could potentially fall, but they are too high for us to reach. We are continuing to trust in the Lord’s protection.

The kids with the dead limbs.

Matthew doing his share.

Tossing it onto the burn pile.


3 thoughts on “The Lord’s Protection

  1. I'm so thankful the children are all right! It reminds me of the time that the old tree house in our back yard fell with kids playing all around it. I have thanked God many times for His protection that day, and I thank Him for watching over all of you.
    Matthew is so cute helping out.


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