Well, we just finished up our third week of school! I’m proud of each one of my little students and, might I also add, I’m pleased that I’ve been able to survive the first third of the first quarter. (But who’s counting?) The Lord has certainly extended to me the grace that I need for each day, and I want to publicly thank Him for it. I have felt myself slipping back into my old yelling ways now and then, but I have caught myself, inhaled, exhaled, prayed, and been able to avert major backsliding. (Now that I’ve written that sentence, I’ll slip back today. Just watch! lol!)

I wanted to share a few photos of our homeschooling “daze” with you. 🙂

First-day-of-school pictures:

Lauren, 8th Grade

Mitchell, 5th Grade

Leslie, 2nd Grade

Laci, K5

The chalkboard at the end of the first day. 

Laci working hard on handwriting. 

Leslie laboring on language. 
Mitch mediating on math. 

Lauren working hard at her math. (See that smiling face?)

Lauren’s first science experiment with Apologia. The experiment was on density.

And…it worked! 🙂 
I was nervous about using Apologia for science this year. I downloaded lesson plans and bought a science lab kit – but I was still intimidated by the huge book. And, I was nervous that it would be boring and Lauren wouldn’t want to do it. I am *much* relieved that it has not taken long for her to do each day, has been very interesting and the lesson plans and lab kit have made this doable for our busy household. I’m excited that she is getting to do some hands-on science this year! 🙂 

I am blessed to get to be so involved in my children’s lives. I’ve given up a lot to do this, I mean, the world thinks I should be out making the big bucks (or trying to). I, however, wouldn’t change a thing! Being with my children each day is greater than any paycheck, promotion or honor that the world could bestow upon me.

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
Psalm 127:3


One thought on “School Daze 2012-2013

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I love the photos even though it makes me a little sad to see how grown-up they all look! Precious children and precious memories. The science sounds and looks like a lot of fun as well as a lot of learning.


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