This morning, Mitchell got ready for church, picking out a suit coat, dress shirt and tie all on his own. He always wears a button-up dress shirt on Sundays, but we don’t require a tie and coat every week. I noticed after he was dressed and ready to go, that he’d put a paper napkin (it even has a green flower design on it), in his coat in place of a handkerchief! It was too precious a moment to pass up – I had to photograph it. I hope you can see the napkin clearly enough in the photos below. My camera doesn’t capture the detail that I wish it did.

I just wanted to pop in and share this today. It made me smile. We’ve had such a good day in church. I enjoyed teaching my little Sunday school class for the tenth week today. (Wow, time flies!) I was blessed and encouraged by my husband’s sermon from James 5 this morning. I enjoyed eating lunch with my family, and now, I’m going to go snuggle up and watch The Andy Griffith Show. After  that, I hope to enjoy a family tradition – a nap! 🙂 
Happy SONday! 


2 thoughts on “Ready for Church

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is so precious! Mitchell looks so handsome, and the pocket “handkerchief” completes the ensemble!


  2. Look at those blue blue eyes!


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