Since 2009, my family and I have carried on a little Christmas Eve tradition. We go to our local Waffle House for supper! It was the only place open to eat that first year we did it, and we liked it so much that we continued it in the years since (unless we have company). They have large booths that seat up to six people, and in 2009, that’s exactly how many we had in our family. Even with Matthew added, we still fit in one booth, because his little high chair sits on the end.

My husband and I ate at Waffle House in Conway, Arkansas, on our way home from our lengthy two day honeymoon in Heber Springs, Arkansas. It was just the two of us, broke but in love, in a wide booth enjoying a tasty waffle with covered hash browns back then. This year, we were so crowded that we didn’t have enough room on the table for all the plates! We had to cut up waffles and combine them with the eggs and bacon in order for it all to fit.

And it was wonderful.

One side of the booth, as we waited for our breakfast supper. 

The other side of the booth.

Matt was on the end.

Lauren’s food is yummy!

Terry enjoyed his coffee!

Matt tried to pour the syrup.
Mitchell being silly!

Laci’s waffle was good, but here she’s getting full. 
We never would have imagined fifteen years ago as we began our life’s journey together that God would bless us with five beautiful children! I know we’re crazy – we enjoy being crammed into a booth together eating breakfast for supper. But, as I sat there, I was enjoying so much more than the delicious, greasy food. I was listening to the laughter of my children and their conversation. I was savoring each moment, like the tiny, syrup-covered hands of my baby. In a few days – or so it will seem – he will no longer be tiny! As we sat together, I was engraving the image of their tender faces into my memory bank. One day, when they are all quite grown up, I can look back and enjoy this closeness once more, even if it’s just in my imagination. 


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Eve Tradition

  1. Lori says:

    We went to the Waffle House on Christmas night. We started the tradition in 2000 when Jamie was a year old. We really missed this tradition this year and since there is NOTHING opened around here, we spent the evening at home.

    Funny how we are not the only ones with a Waffle House tradition.


  2. That is funny! Glad we're not the only ones! 🙂


  3. Cathy says:

    Every Christmas eve since the year we got engaged my husband and I have gone out for Fish n Chips. My family loved the idea so much they've taken on the tradition too :). This year we started a Christmas tea with my daughther (3 1/2) where I break out my fancy cups from the cabinet and we have high tea after breakfast! No time like the present to start new traditions. Have a blessed New Years!


  4. Hi Cathy! I agree, we should be constantly making new memories. Happy New Year to you, too! 🙂


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