The Swing

Last Saturday, March 9, we enjoyed a very mild, albeit cloudy, day. I was inside doing my usual Saturday chores – cleaning my bedroom, bathroom and folding laundry – when I heard shrieks of delight and bursts of laughter outside my window. I peeked out of the shades and saw that Terry was pushing the kids on our homemade tree swing! I grabbed my camera to bronze the moment (and sneak in some practice!). I took almost 400 photos in just a short time, but don’t worry, I’m only sharing a fraction of them here. 
It was a very cloudy day. Aren’t these clouds lovely, though? 
Terry gave the kids “underdogs” on the swing. In case you’re unfamiliar with that term, it means pushing the swing up above your head and running out from underneath it. This makes them go…

…very high!
Which, of course, they love! 
Laci is getting her “underdog.” Not sure from whom Mitch is hiding here. 
Loving the altitude! 

I enjoyed getting these shots of them in mid-air.

Lauren up high.

Mitchell, my “ham”! 
And we see, like father, like son! By the way, this is Terry being silly. He would never smile this big in real life. 

Ah…my little, I mean big dare-devil! 

Okay, this is more like his normal happy expression. 😉
I tried taking some portrait shots outside, since I’m terrible at indoor shots right now (unless I use the “Auto” setting). I still need practice because some are still a bit out of focus, but I like them. Well, I like my subjects!  



 And Matthew! He’s not smiling, obviously, but I still like this one. (He didn’t want to smile for me so he cried. It was nap time…for both of us!)

My big boy is learning to ride the scooter! 

And he enjoys raking. 
Such a little man.
A few of the family resting after a long morning of playing. 

I know that in just a few short years, this is how our swing will look. Lonely and still, swaying only if a breeze can blow it hard enough. I’m enjoying my house full of children while I can, and making memories to keep me company in the years to come.


One thought on “The Swing

  1. Wow! That looks like a lot of fun for all, and the photos are great. The shot of Laci in mid-air with her hair billowing out and the pine trees behind her is fantastic! She looks like Rapunzel.


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