It’s hard to believe that my precious girl, Lauren Kassidy, is fourteen years old! If we still lived in Arkansas, she would be going to get her permit tomorrow! But, God, in His providence, led us to the great state of Oklahoma, which wisely sets the age for permits at fifteen. And requires driver’s ed! This is proof that the Lord cares about my heart palpitations. 😉 
We had a busy schedule today: school, two kids had dental appointments to get sealants, a trip to the Christian bookstore for Sunday School materials, and then a homeschool potluck/meeting. Because we knew this would be a jam packed day, we celebrated her birthday last Saturday.
She started the day with a trip to the hair salon for a cut and style.
Tada! It’s about six inches shorter. 🙂
We ate lunch as a family at Texas Roadhouse, her favorite. Here’s the onion blossom we all devoured.

I was picking up some odds and ends at Walmart, and look what I found! In OKLAHOMA! The Lord loves Lauren a great deal to send her this special gift. Of course I bought two as a surprise. 🙂

We ended the day with cake, ice cream and gifts. She didn’t want any particular theme for her cake, just chocolate on chocolate. I think I went a little too wild with the white flourishes, but she said she liked it. 

All the candles are glowing! I can’t believe how many there are!

I was surprised that Terry caught this on camera – it’s really funny! This is me trying to block Matthew’s breath! He tried more than once to blow out the candles for Lauren, but I stopped it (somehow) each time. By the way, I’m not hitting him here, just stopping his air. Hmmm, I think my husband wishes he could do this to me sometimes. 😉

She blew them out with one try!


Aunt Melanie sent her this colorful purse! 

She LOVED the West Virginia notebooks! (Yesss!)

Today, she received several phone calls from loved ones, as well as many wishes on my Facebook page. She has also gotten several cards (with cash) from loved ones and some gifts from a few folks at church. I think her fourteenth birthday has been one of, if not the best yet.

I look at this smiling, intelligent, creative human being and I cannot believe she is my child. I remember being so overwhelmed when she was born; feeling so unfit and incapable to rear her. But, looking back I think that was the best way to begin my journey of motherhood. By feeling so inept, I turned to the One Who is all powerful, One Who is more than capable of handling a child: I turned the Lord. And all I can say now is, “Look what the Lord has done!” I continue to pray that He will guide her and direct her path as she follows Him.

 Happy 14th birthday, Lauren!


3 thoughts on “Lauren is Fourteen!

  1. Tori says:

    Wow, happy birthday Lauren!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love seeing all the birthday photos so that I can vicariously be present with all of you. The cake looks beautiful, and the honoree looks even more beautiful.
    I love you.


  3. Kristy... says:

    Happy Birthday to your pretty girl! Or should I say young lady ??


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