Some of our dearest friends are missionaries. We were blessed to cross paths with three in recent weeks. Bro. and Mrs. Dan Vaughn, and two of their children, were with us in January. They were in our area for the church planter’s conference in OKC, so they dropped by. I’m so glad they did! We met them in West Virginia at a Jr. High camp that my husband preached at, and we became instant friends. It was great getting to see them again. They are planting a church in Weston, West Virginia, beginning in May. Our church voted to support them for one year while they begin this work. Please pray for them!


Bro. Dan, his wife, Hollie, and two of their children, Jeffrey and Olivia.


I captured a smile Olivia gave her dad. 🙂

Our missions conference began Sunday, February 2nd and ended on Wednesday the 5th. The first day had a very poor attendance due to the sudden snow storm we had. (More on that later!)  We enjoyed hearing Evangelist Tim Green, Missionary Ransom Maggard to Liberia and Bro. Dan Roten, missionary to the Spanish speaking people of Oklahoma City.

bro. green

Bro. Tim Green preaching on Wednesday evening. (Sorry it’s so orange! With all the excitement, I forgot to adjust the white balance on my camera!) We have known Bro. Green for several years. He is always a blessing!


This is our song leader, Bro. Fair. He enjoys giving me a hard time. He wanted me to tell you that you are totally awesome for reading my blog! He thinks this blog is the best one on the web today! 😉 Really. He said that. Or something kinda like that.

Okay, not really.


Bro. Maggard preached for us on Sunday afternoon, Monday night and Tuesday night. We enjoyed meeting him and hearing about his burden for Liberia.


Bro. Dan Roten has known my husband for a while, but this was my first time to meet him. His sermon was very good. It gave me a lot to think on for several days; lots of information! He and his wife were so kind.


This is just a random shot of some of the people after church. I love getting any opportunity to be around my church family!


My girls made some new friends from a church in Newcastle!


Lauren made a new friend, too!


I was practicing with my camera before church and got this photo of Lauren. She’s wearing her new glasses!


All of our guest speakers with my favorite preacher, my Pastor! 🙂

L-R: Bro. Tim Green, Bro. Ransom Maggard, Bro. Dan Roten, and Terry.


Terry and Bro. Green visiting after church.


And, since we’re talking about wonderful preaching and missionaries, I just wanted to honor this lady. Mrs. Mary Keener (pictured above, with Lauren, in January) is the wife of the late Bro. Forrest Keener, the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church for over 40 years. This woman worked tirelessly behind the scenes, helping her husband’s work go forward. She has a sweet spirit and a desire to continue to serve the Lord, even now that her husband is in Heaven. I hope and pray I can finish my course just as this lady is doing. We are so thrilled that she is part of our church!

Meeting missionaries and their families is always an encouragement to my heart. There are so many faithful, hard working, loving missionaries in our world today! The Gospel is going forth in a great way because of those on the foreign field. I pray it will go forward right here in southwest Oklahoma because of me. (We all know I have a big enough mouth to do the job! 😉 )

Please pray for our church as we work to spread the good news in Oklahoma!


5 thoughts on “Missions Conference 2014

  1. Steve Fair says:

    This is the best blog on the web!


    1. Haha! YES! I knew you said that! 😀


  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I am glad to see the photos of the missionaries who are unknown to me. It appears that you still had a better-than-average attendance considering the brutal weather you had. Lauren looks so cute in her new glasses. Is she enjoying wearing them?
    I love you.


    1. The attendance was bad on Sunday, but it picked up the rest of the week because the weather improved. Yes, Lauren loves her glasses!


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