I’m always looking for ways to make memories with my children. While we do not host elaborate Easter egg or candy hunts to attract crowds to our church (because, isn’t the Gospel of Christ enough?), we do enjoy spending time as a family. I try to use the Resurrection Eggs with my kids each year, and we’ve made empty tomb cookies, too. Here are some photos of our first Easter memory in Oklahoma.



This activity was for my two little girls. The older two were not interested in dying eggs. Matthew wasn’t either, but they were all invited. 🙂


The girls were good little dippers.



I just love the bright colors!


Terry and I hid the eggs in our back yard. This is the time of year when a “shaggy” yard is a good thing…easier to hide the eggs!


Laci really got into it!


Oh, why look! Even Mitch wanted to hunt eggs!

so close

Terry hid one on the lowest branch on this tree. Can you see it?


See it yet? Laci doesn’t either! It’s right under her nose, in this picture, anyway.


Lauren found it!


Yep. Lauren wanted in on the fun, too.

Matthew didn’t feel like hunting eggs, even though we tried to show him how fun it was. He didn’t understand this year. Maybe next year.


Everyone had a good time, and we didn’t even have any prizes! 😉

Rejoicing that HE lives!


2 thoughts on “Some Easter Fun

  1. Kristy Jo says:

    Looks like a LOT of fun!


  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    So cute! I’m surprised that Matthew didn’t join in after the other kids got into it. Love those happy smiles!


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