I wanted to thank those of you who entered my giveaway! The time is up and we have a winner! Are you ready? Drumroll, please….

The winner is….


Please send me an email with your address.  I will mail the book out shortly.

I have been working on my own prayer life, because everyone needs to improve, and I am seeing blessings because of it. I cannot claim to have had any huge answer to prayer in recent days, but that’s not what this was  about. It’s not about finding ways to get what I want, but rather. being obedient to God and glorifying Him. I have seen God work in my heart to correct some sinful behavior, help me give praise to Him for things I once took for granted, and reverence Him in private. This past Sunday, a visiting preacher gave a sermon on this very topic! My heart was full to overflowing as he expounded from scripture some of the very things I’d been seeking to learn more about. He reminded us that if we want God to work in our lives and in our ministry, the secret is prayer. It’s not about how creative we can be, how smart we are, or even how hard we work. In fact, prayer is work, and it’s work we often leave undone.

I still have a long way to go, and this is just one step. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

With love,


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