This is a very big week for us. This evening, a friend of ours is flying into Oklahoma from Italy to preach for our Bible conference. Bro. Adam Nixon has blessed us through his preaching already, which we have enjoyed listening to online. Bro. Nixon is a friend of a friend and we are thrilled to be meeting him in person. The Internet has its pitfalls, but it also has the potential for great good, and hearing Bible preaching is the best kind of good!

Our conference begins on Friday and goes through Sunday. One thing we know for sure, prayer is the key to living the Christian life. We have been praying for this meeting for weeks now, and we are continuing to do so. We are praying that God will bless the preaching. We are praying that all will be healthy and able to attend, and that all who are coming will have safety in their travels. Most of all, we are praying that hearts (especially my own) will be open and receptive to the message that God has for us. We are praying that if any should come under the preaching who are not born again, that God will open their eyes to that reality and they will be birthed into His kingdom. But whatever happens, we are grateful. We are thankful to be in this place, doing this work. We leave the results in the Lord’s capable hands.

I may be away from the blog for a few days due to the busy-ness of the week, but Lord willing, it won’t be long. I am already making plans for an exciting series for the month of March. I hope you’ll join me!

Words cannot begin to express how much I appreciate your being here. I hope my little ministry is a blessing, because you are a blessing to me. I love hearing your stories and knowing that there are other sisters (and brothers) in Christ striving to serve God all over the nation, and the world.

With love,


One thought on “We Pray God’s Blessings

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I am praying with you about the conference, and I am eager to hear the report of all that happens. Will you have special music at each meeting? If so, are you and the children among those on the schedule?


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