This week’s term: Free Moral Agency – Funk & Wagnall’s: “The power or capacity to act freely, i.e., without the constraint of the will.” Webster’s New International Dictionary: “Not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being; not necessitated by an external cause or agency; choosing or capable of choosing for itself as a free agent.” (Thomas Paul Simmons Systematic Theology, 181)

Last week’s term: Free Will – Webster’s definitions: “1. Freedom of decision, or of choice between alternatives. 2. The freedom of the will to choose a course of action without external coercion, but in accordance with the ideals or moral outlook of the individual.” Rightly understood, these are both Bible and Baptist doctrines and can be held affirmatively. However, the common Arminian argument for this term today is that in the fall, man’s will was somehow insulated, so that he may make choices without regard to, or restraint from, his fallen nature. This is absolute heresy.

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