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I Love This Picture

Not too long ago, my mom shared a few old photos with me. A former teacher at Jessieville Elementary school sent her some extra snapshots of Mom’s going away party when she resigned as principal there. (The theme was “Mayberry”, since Mom is a huge fan of The Andy Griffith Show.) As I flipped through… Continue reading I Love This Picture

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My Parents’ Love

I got my rings repaired last week. My wedding rings had gotten too small – a half size too small – thanks to my last pregnancy. Or maybe it was thanks to fifteen years and five pregnancies? Anyway, it was so exciting to get them repaired! The pink heart ring was given to me by… Continue reading My Parents’ Love

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Look at the White Line

I will never forget the excitement that coursed through my veins as I got behind the wheel of our Tempo that chilly, rainy night. At that time, my mom was the elementary principal at Jessieville Schools. She wore many hats, as most faculty of small school districts do. She was head of the cafeteria and… Continue reading Look at the White Line

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My Favorite Place To Be

Hot Springs holds a special place in my heart. I was born in the lovely “Spa City” thirty–some years ago. Neither my mom nor my dad were born in Hot Springs. My dad grew up in Conway, and my mom was raised in Batesville.  My parents’ moved out to Colorado Springs, Colorado, as soon as… Continue reading My Favorite Place To Be

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Magic Springs

On Saturday, July 28, some friends invited us to spend the day with them at a theme park nearby, called Magic Springs. It’s a place I’m very familiar with, since I grew up in Hot Springs, where the park is located. It was so very sweet of them to include us on their celebration of… Continue reading Magic Springs

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Happy Mother’s Day!

To those of you with one child or ten, with babies or adults, or even if yours are in heaven now, I wish you a blessed Mother’s Day. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for enduring the heartache and heartbreak that you have. Thank you for striving forward, when all that is in you… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

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My Mother, My Friend

Today is a very special day for our family. Today is my wonderful mother’s birthday! My Mom has always been a hard worker – both in the workplace and at home. She managed, by God’s grace, to be a success both in her career and in her home. I remember hearing preachers say that women… Continue reading My Mother, My Friend