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Series on Calvinism Part 4

Here is the latest sermon on Calvinism by my husband: Unconditional Election Here are links to the previous messages, in the order they were preached: Overview of Calvinism (the TULIP acrostic) Total Depravity Deeper Into Depravity I welcome questions or comments, but I kindly ask that you listen to the recordings beforehand. Most questions will… Continue reading Series on Calvinism Part 4

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Series on Calvinism: Parts 2 & 3

Three weeks ago, I shared that my husband has been teaching on the five points of Calvinism every Sunday afternoon. This is something that our church has believed since the 1970’s, and is a vital part of our history. It also so happens that currently many pastors are “taking up arms” against these biblical truths… Continue reading Series on Calvinism: Parts 2 & 3

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For My Critics: The Gospel

I still receive enough “unhappy” mail (“hate” is too strong a word) regarding the Doctrines of Grace that I find myself defending the Gospel in conversations that need no defense. In other words, I am starting to take the slightest negative comment on Twitter, email, or Facebook to be an all-out assault against Grace, when… Continue reading For My Critics: The Gospel


What is a Pastor?

My Pastor, Terry Basham, II I mentioned to you yesterday that I have enjoyed listening to sermons on SermonAudio. I wanted to share one that was a great blessing to me this past week. It is probably intended for pastors, but I enjoyed it immensely. Do you know what a pastor is? I believe Bro. Don… Continue reading What is a Pastor?