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Our Snowy Days

I just wanted to share a few more photos of our fun in the snow! 🙂   Working hard. 🙂   Lauren built a fort! No, she didn’t actually throw it. lol! I liked this picture of our house. If you didn’t know better, would you think we lived in Alaska? Nope, didn’t think so. 😉  Snowy… Continue reading Our Snowy Days

family-scrapbook · winter

My Sentiments Exactly

I’m getting a lot of teasing from my friends up north about my enthusiasm over the snowfall we’ve had recently. For those of us in the south, when snow falls, we slow down and stare. We take it all in, we breathe deeply and we stand in awe. I’ve taken over 100 photos of the… Continue reading My Sentiments Exactly

family-scrapbook · winter


Typically, in our neck of the woods, we don’t see snow in winter. We might see a dusting, if we’re blessed. Mostly, we see rain, clouds, and more rain. If we are not blessed, we see ice – lots of ice!  We were thrilled to hear reports of significant snowfall being predicted earlier last week.… Continue reading Snow!

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He Cares about the Small Stuff

We recently had a threat of ice in our area as a winter storm passed through. They even called for a little snow. Well, neither happened. I am thankful the ice didn’t make an appearance, because we’ve lived through one horrible ice storm and that was plenty! We were hoping to see at least some… Continue reading He Cares about the Small Stuff