We are blessed to live in the biggest parsonage in Texas! No kidding, at 3,800 square feet, it must be a record contender as far as parsonages go! Because of this wonderful old house, we can live on a small salary from our church full-time. However, it is an older home and as houses go, it needs maintenance! One area that’s been screaming for help since our arrival two years ago, is the master bath. It is huge! It has a jacuzzi tub(which until my handy-man husband fixed it, didn’t even work!) a large lavatory, and a shower with two big cabinets! We could still fit a small armchair in there too, if we had one! Anyway, you get the picture. Well, the shower has been leaking and having problems, so Terry tore it all out one week ago. He has had to re-plumb the shower so that we can install a new tub and shower combo thingy. He has worked for three days on this, and, Lord willing, will finish up today or tomorrow. Here’s some photos (above) of the progress to date.

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