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Almost There!

My husband comes home tomorrow!!! I have had two of the busiest days and nights of my life this week. Today will be no different, I am sure. It is such a blessing to have someone who can keep an eye on my children so I can shower at my leisure! This week I have had to do everything on the run! God has truly been my helper this week, and I thank Him for it! He has given me strength when I had none left, he has given me rest when I was about to collapse, and He has given me wisdom to handle each situation as it arose. Today, He has given me hope! Only one more day!!

Please pray for Terry has he travels home tomorrow. He will be leaving Pittsburgh at 6 am, but it’s a two + hour drive to the airport, so he’ll be leaving WV at 2AM in order to get to the airport and return the rental car. I am so glad that he and Bro. Graham are driving together. They can talk to each other and keep the driver awake! It’s also been a hard week because I’ve hardly even talked to Terry. In West Virginia, the mountains inhibit cell phone usage greatly! He has had to go to a mountain top and stand in just the right spot to call me. I think I’ve talked to him 30 minutes total the last two days!

I had a nice surprise yesterday. Terry had a red rose delivered to me in honor of our engagement ten years ago. It was extra special because I am so tired. It brightened my day so much! The card read: “Thanks for saying Yes! Love, Terry” What a blessing! Truly, the Lord brought us together, and let me say, God knows what’s best! He gave me a wonderful man whom I do not deserve! I’m so glad we’ll be together soon, Lord willing. I’m ALMOST THERE!!

One thought on “Almost There!

  1. I have been praying for you today. I know you are thrilled that Terry will be home tomorrow. That was so sweet of him to send you the rose. Very romantic.

    I love you.


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