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Another week has come and gone! My how time flies! I managed to hold it all together while Terry was away at a preacher’s fellowship meeting this past week. My initial reaction is to write about all the stress I experienced this week – you know, how the kids spilled things, right when the phone was ringing and then Leslie pushed over Laci at that same moment, etc. etc. But I fear that I would get myself in a negative mood, not to mention bore you to death, dear reader! So, I will not get into that frame of mind. I’ll suffice it to say that I kept everyone fed, clothed and in his/her right mind this past week. I managed to keep the house reasonably clean and got Lauren and Mitch through another week of third grade and kindergarten. I even got to read to Leslie some! I was in bed by 10:30 each night – the first time since Laci arrived on the scene – an act of sheer survival, but one I wish I could do every night! But I found myself wearing down emotionally. The only adults I spoke to (other than a 30 min. call to my Mom each morning) were the ones I saw at church Wed. night. I couldn’t converse with Terry very much because it was so difficult to get a signal on his cell phone while he was in WV. Therefore, I felt so alone and tired. People – relationships – are so important! I knew a lady one time who said often that people are more important than things. It’s true! I can live without a TV or a pool, or a nice car, or whatever, but I would have a very hard time living without people! People are more valuable to God – He sent His Son for them. Not for a Mercedes, or an iPod, or a DVD, player, but people! Sometimes I forget that and I really… well, hate to admit it, but covet (I know, I’m the only one) things that others have. Now all of you know how you should pray for me! Pray that I’ll keep my focus straight! That I’ll remember that people are more important than things – than money!!
I want to share more about his trip to WV, but I’ll have to do that on another post, so stay tuned!
Have a great day in church tomorrow!

One thought on “Whew!

  1. I'm thankful you made it through your difficult week. You did a wonderful job. I praise God for giving you the strength and stamina to make it. I'm thankful God empowered Terry's preaching in a special way, and I am truly amazed that Bro. Gregory made the public statements that he did! What a blessing!
    I pray you get to bed at 10:30 or earlier tonight.
    I love you.


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