I’m coming up on my third year of being on Facebook. At first, it was so exciting to be able to interact with friends from my past, who lived far away. It was great catching up with them, seeing how their kids had grown, or where they had moved off to. Soon, however, I got sucked into petty debates and frivolous arguments. These conversations did nothing positive for me. In fact, I started getting butterflies at the thought of logging on, afraid to see who had commented on “that thread”.

Several of my friends have deleted their accounts. Some have said, “Husband’s leave their wives for other women on Facebook.” Or, “People gossip on Facebook.” or “There’s too much drama.”And, for those people, leaving Facebook might have been just the right thing. I often feel that I neglect some people, because there are so many to keep up with! I could never keep in touch with all of them! At times, leaving has seemed like a good solution. But, if I left, I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with our family far away. And I wouldn’t know about certain prayer requests. So, I’ve stayed.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the problem isn’t Facebook. It’s me! Wherever you find humans, you find sin. Wherever you find sin, you find humans allowing it to control them. I know, because, I’m a human. If a man or woman desires to be unfaithful to their spouse, they don’t need Facebook to get the job done. They will find a way. If a person wants to gossip, they certainly don’t need Facebook! Ever hear of the telephone? E-mail? Personal conversation? Yep. It happens all the time. As far as drama? Well, we know that you don’t need to look far to find that, either. I’ve made a decision. I’ve chosen to stay out of drama, as much as I can. So far, it’s worked! If a person is bragging about committing sin, I don’t preach to them. Why in the world would they listen to me? I’m nobody! Only the Lord can change hearts and lives. I just need to pray for them.

I’ve been disappointed to see, via Facebook, some of the choices my friends have made. I wish they would let the Lord direct their paths. But then, I can’t really judge them, because I don’t always heed His Word like I should, either. We are all in the same sin cursed world, in sin cursed flesh. We all need each other’s prayers, love and compassion. I hope that’s what you’ll always find on this blog, on my Facebook page, and most of all, in  my life.

“Breathe on me, breath of God.
Fill me with life anew.
That I may love, what thou dost love.
And do what thou wouldst do.”
– E. Hatch


7 thoughts on “The Problem Isn’t Facebook

  1. Very good, Valerie. I feel the same.


  2. Valerie, this is said perfectly and has been my feelings all along. It isn't the Facebook that is bad, or wicked, or sinful….it, like anything else in this world can be used for good or evil….it's all in the person using it. I want to share your blog with others. May I? Have a blessed day!


  3. Jessica says:

    Dead on! Good post!


  4. Jennifer P says:

    Thank you for this post! I feel the same way, that Facebook can be used for good or bad. I am trying to use it for good, and communicate with others that I would not other wise get to talk with. My prayer is that I can reach some that are lost by the way I live.


  5. Susan says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! I've used FB mainly as a tool to keep in touch with family and friends far away. I don't get involved in drama . . . I haven't seen much of it among my 'friends' anyway . . . and although I disagree and wonder about those who aren't living by the same standards they used to, nothing I say will change them, so I just stay quiet. Facebook has been a super positive experience for me!


  6. Although I am one who decided to leave FB and am glad that I did, I agree with what you are saying here. It is people who sin because of what is in their heart.

    I do have to say though that I think women and men (who aren't related to each other) interacting on the computer via blogs, FB or whatever are, in my opinion, playing with fire. It is good to have walls of protection in your life. And I know of plenty of people who ended up having affairs who were *not* seeking them.


  7. Valerie says:

    I appreciate your thoughts, Michele. Obviously, though, if someone has an affair, they were seeking it. You don't accidentally become immoral. Bro. Tim Green, an evangelist, says that relationships are inappropriate long before they are intimate and I agree with that.Plenty of red flags go up when one is headed down that path. My husband and I have each others' passwords on all of our internet accounts. That is one of our personal safeguards.
    I've been very happy with having Facebook, after I figured out when to keep my mouth (fingers?) shut! lol! I have opportunities to share the Gospel with folks that I wouldn't otherwise have, as well as chances to let my church family and natural family know I love them. It's been a great blessing! 🙂


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