My Proverbs for today is one that brings back many memories!
Proverbs 11: 22 As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.
Isn’t this an unusual scripture? In today’s world, I’ve seen jewelry in some very ridiculous places, but one place I’ve never seen it, is in a pig’s nose!
I say it brings back memories, because I first read this verse when I was 10 years old in a book called Those Kids from Proverbsville by Elizabeth Rice Hanford. My sister bought it for me as a gift at the gift shop at Hyles-Anderson College when she was a student. There was a story in it about discretion using this very verse as it’s foundation. I will never forget it, because this was an area in my life that my Mother was really trying perfect in me.
As a talkative person, I often speak before I think! I hope I’m a lot better now, but at 10, I had a lot to learn about discretion! I would say some things that would hurt or even offend others, simply because I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying and how someone else would take what I was saying. I also tended to “dominate the conversation”! I didn’t mean for others to think I was trying to “take over”, I just really enjoyed talking and trying to make others smile or even laugh! Back then, I just made people cry! (And not tears of joy!)
Today’s verse is also a beauty tip! After all, who wants to look like a pig with a ring in her nose? Yet, the Bible says that’s what an attractive woman looks like when she has no discretion. She’s repulsive and odd!
I hope I’m not alone in this “battle for the tongue”. I still want to be very careful in choosing my words, and in my spirit as I speak those words. I don’t want to repulse others. I want to be warm and friendly and welcoming to those God allows me to meet. Not domineering, just a “happy medium” as my Grandmother used to say.
I’m a pastor’s wife, and I feel pressure to be “just right” for everybody. I worry that when a visitor doesn’t come back to our church, it might be because I wasn’t friendly enough, or maybe I was too friendly! But, then the Holy Spirit tells me that I just have to relax and be “me” and He will give the increase! Whew! That’s a relief!
So by God’s grace I will go out tomorrow and do my best to be pleasing in my speech. I pray that the folks at my church see, and hear, Jesus in me everyday from the inside out!

One thought on “A Beauty Tip for Everyone

  1. Mother says:

    I think you have hit on another battle that many of us have, especially those of us who love to talk. Thanks for a great reminder.

    I often use the Proverbsville stories to illustrate a lesson in my Sunday school class. I wish Mrs. Handford had written a story for all thirty-one chapters of Proverbs.
    I love you.


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