As a stay at home Mom, I find my life somewhat isolated and tedious. That’s why I love to escape! Sometimes, I escape with my husband on a date! But, that’s not too often. I can’t get out alone or on a date when I want to, so I try to escape with a good book whenever I get a few minutes. Here are a few of my favorite stories. Pleas contact me using the above page or post here if you have any goodies that you’d like to share. I’m always looking for new good books! Oh and by the way, some of these are young adult books, but I feel that a good story is a good story, no matter what age group! I must also add here, that these do not ever replace my Bible time! In fact, I try to not pick up a book to read for pleasure until I have read my Bible for the day, it should be first on my “reading list” everyday!

The Laura Ingalls Wilder books
The Anne of Green Gables series- L.M. Montgomery
Tuck Everlasting –Natalie Babbit
Number the Stars- Lois Lowery
Christy- Catherine Marshall
The Love Comes Softly Series –Janette Oke
The Canadian West Series – Janette Oke
The Blue Bottle Club- Penelope J. Stokes (I’m reading this one now)

I love reading Biographies, but haven’t read any lately. The one I’ve read most recently is Laughs, Luck and Lucy by Jess Oppenheimer, the creator and producer of the I Love Lucy show. It is very funny and a good read. I also love the book Gifted Hands, the autobiography of Ben Carson, a famous neurosurgeon who came out of the projects of Detroit to be one of the most renowned surgeons of our time. He is a Christian. This will encourage and inspire you! Also, the autobiography of George Mueller is excellent. Another must read!

Here are a few of my favorite non-fiction books:
Sheet Music – Kevin Leman
Making Children Mind without Losing Yours – Kevin Leman
What Every Mom Needs – Elise Morgan and Carol Kuykendall
Honey for a Child’s Heart – Gladys Hunt
More Hours in My Day– Emilie Barnes
Things Happen when Women Care – Emilie Barnes
50 Veteran Homeschoolers: Things We Wish We’d Known – Compiled and edited by Bill & Diana Waring
Slow & Steady Get Me Ready!– June R. Oberlander (a book to help you prepare your pre-schooler for school)
Help for the Harried Homeschooler – Christine M. Field

Odds & Ends I enjoy:
Simple & Delicious Magazine
Fix it & Forget it – Feasting with your slow cooker (a great cookbook – recipes do not have very many ingredients and it’s all for your crockpot! Even desserts!)

Maybe you can try some of these books on for size to create your own escape. It’s really wonderful to get new ideas, to travel back in time, to visit different places or to meet famous people without leaving the comfort of your own home! So happy reading!!

2 thoughts on “I Love to Escape!

  1. DixieWags says:

    When do you ever find the time to read. I would love to cuddle up with a good book. I haven't read a book (other than my Bible) in I don't know how long. I hit the ground running of a morning, and am going till 11:00 or 12:00. By then I am totally exhausted, and by the time my Bible reading and devotion time is over, I don't have time for anything else. I would LOVE to escape, but I very rarely ever get too. I guess I need to re”organize” my time and may be find some time to steal away. That would be nice.

    Have you read “Created to be His Help Meet”?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great suggestions!!



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