I’m so sorry that I failed to mention in a previous post that our Missions Conference was Dec. 2nd through the 4th! I was unable to post everyday because of homeschooling, cooking and preparing for our services each night.
We had a wonderful conference! We had Jeremy Tyler, and his family, missionaries to Brazil, as our main speaker. The church increased it’s annual missions budget by over $5,000! We also took on two more missionaries! What a blessing! The Lord has done this.
I first met Amanda Tyler in 1994 at summer camp!! She lived in Illinois, and I in Arkansas. We saw each other once a year until 1996 and we wrote letters (long before email was available or affordable, I’m not sure which!). We continued writing, calling and emailing over these past 11 years and I was wondering if I’d ever see her again!! We wrote while she was a student at Crown College, after we were both married, and while our families were growing, but never seeing each other. Praise the Lord, we finally got together! I got to meet her husband and their three precious boys!
We just picked up where we left off, or at least I felt that way! I enjoyed their visit so much, but it went by way too fast! I hope and pray it won’t be another 11 years before I see her again!
I have another great friend, Dixie, whom I’ve not seen in over four years! (or is it six?) I have friends in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee – that I keep in touch with, but don’t get to see too often. I hate that. I was thinking about it yesterday, about how I seldom see my close friends, and got a little teary. You know me, I get reminiscent very easily! I should call this blog “Going down Memory Lane”! Anyway, I thought about how I don’t see most of my friends too often and I realized that I will see them again…someday. I will either see them here, or in the air when the trumpet sounds! We have one grand thing in common: we’re saved. We know we’ll be in Heaven someday. That is a great comfort. I wrote the following poem to express my feelings (writing is good therapy. Judging by this blog, I’ve got lots of problems! ;o). Please don’t criticize it, I’m no poet, that’s for sure. I just want share my heart with you.

When Will We Meet Again?
When will we meet again, my friend,
Our friendship to renew?
Will our visits be abundant,
Or will they be but few?
I so enjoy the time we spend
Sharing in God’s sweet gift.
When I’m with you my burdens ease
And my spirit seems to lift.
Our laughter fills my heart with mirth-
With joy and happiness!
I cannot put it into words,
How our friendship gives me bliss.
I know for sure our hearts were knit
By our Savior up above.
He made this bond within our souls
By His redeeming love.
You ask when will we meet again?
This comfort I can share:
If I don’t see you here, my friend,
I’ll see you in the air!

Eleven years haven’t changed Amanda a bit! What a joy to get be with her again! Thank you for coming down, Amanda!
Lauren enjoyed being with Josiah (left) and Jonathan.
Jeremy and Amanda Tyler, Missionaries to Brazil.
The Whole Tyler Gang!
I am praying for you guys to have safety, and to gather your support quickly!
Thank you for everything!

4 thoughts on “Good Friends are Forever

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you are a poet. The boys and I loved your slide show. It was sweet of you to include them.



  2. Mother says:

    It was great to finally meet Amanda at our Missions Conference last night. She is very sweet and so pretty. Her boys are adorable. I liked the poem very much.
    I love you.


  3. What a wonderful poem! I know just what you mean about not seeing your friends and than when you do, it feels just like you left off with them.

    That is awesome that the church was able to increase missions.

    One great thing about pictures is that I get to see a glimpse of a little of your church and home. Of which in the picture I saw a part of a Black Grand Piano!! Sorry when it comes to Grand Pianos I'm in dream world. lol The Lord allowed me the privilege of playing Bethel's Grand Piano for 8 years and boy will that ever spoil a person.


  4. Amanda says:

    Thank you for all the kind words! I was thrilled to see you again and meet your children! It was a very special time for me. My kids had a great time, and I am so thankful for our friendship. I enjoyed “strolling down memory lane” with you all. We are praying for you and your church. Thanks for everything!


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