I remember my turbulent teen years like they were yesterday. If you didn’t go through some rough, emotional times as a teen then I’d like to shake your hand. I think most of us had a hard time being a teenager. The age between childhood and adulthood is difficult. As you near the “big” age of 18, the pressure just increases. “What will you do with the rest of your life?” Everyone seems to ask. If you do have an idea of what you want to do, chances are it won’t work out exactly as you have in mind. That’s life.
If I did anything right as a teen, it was having a good relationship with the Lord, and with my parents. Oh, I put them through a lot of late night talks and some tears, but we loved each other. I knew it, and I hope they knew it too. I had plans to marry a certain someone. He turned out to be a fake and a liar. I just want to say “Thank you Lord for not letting me get involved with that guy forever!” It was hard to let go of him, because I had those afore- mentioned plans. I did it though, because I knew the Lord didn’t want me to be with him, and I knew my parents didn’t.
After the break up, I just wanted to be away from everybody. All my close friends were either married or engaged. I didn’t fit in anywhere…anywhere except home.
Mom and Dad were always there. Steadfast in their Bibles (Dad would often read it aloud while Mom fixed her hair for work). Steadfast in their zeal for the Lord – they were genuine, faithful Christians. They were steadfast in their soul winning efforts. They both made telling the lost about the Lord a high priority. They were steadfast in their love for each other. Oh, they had a disagreement or two…who doesn’t? But I never feared my Dad and Mom getting a divorce. I knew they loved each other. They were steadfast in their love for me. When this guy was gone, they were there. When my friends moved away, they were there. When I eventually moved away, they were still there if I needed them. I got phone calls, letters, cards and most of all, I knew they were praying daily for me.
My home was a haven. When I broke up with that guy, I stopped going to Taco Bell after church. (Our local church hang out) I went home and enjoyed a Subway sandwich with Mom and Dad and all the love a girl could need. I hope and pray that my home is a haven for my family. I don’t want a home that is full of strife, or hatred. I want people to feel our love for each other the minute they walk in the door.
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for making my home a haven.

2 thoughts on “My Home was a Haven

  1. Mother says:

    What a sweet tribute! Thank you, dear. I know you will make an even better haven for your children because you and Terry have been saved from the day of your wedding…and before. Ron and I were married for eleven years before we got saved, and then we grew very slowly in the Christian life.
    I love you.


  2. DixieWags says:

    I would have to say AMEN to all of the above. Your home was a haven and filled with love for more than just you. Your parents made all who entered fill loved, and I for one am thankful for that. Your home was MY haven, because I never really had a place to call “home”. Your home was a constant in my life when we were on the road and all I had was a travel trailer, and a new location every week. I knew when I came “home” there would always be a home filled with love that I could come “home” to, and I love your mom and dad just as they were my own. The thing that has always stuck out in my mind was breakfast at the Courtney's house. I loved having breakfast at your house. No matter what we had we always had our little glass of orange juice. Everytime I drink orange juice to this day, I think of breakfast at your house. I know that's silly, but I do. At your house is the first time I ever heard any body pray for all the other churches and the bus routes that other people would be working. Your mom has such a heart for bus kids, and the bus ministry. I just loved everything about going to your house. I hope that I can make my house as your mom did for you, so that when my kids have friends over they have as fond memories of my house as I do of yours.

    I love you and your family more than you will ever know, and you have no idea what an impact your whole family has had on my life. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

    P.S. Remember, I named first daughter after y'all. :o)


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