Hello everybody!
I just wanted to write and tell you that I will be leaving for San Antonio tomorrow. My husband and I are going to be spending two days and one night in the beautiful home of the River Walk!! I am really excited about it! We haven’t been alone overnight in 7 years!
I will be taking my camera, so I hope to have some photos to share with you on Friday or Saturday.
I would appreciate your prayers for us as we travel, and that we will be able to enjoy our time alone to the fullest! By the time I get used to it being just the two of us, we’ll be back home again! But that’s okay. I will be glad to get away for a while, and I’ll be glad to get back home! I am looking forward to a time of refreshment!
Oh, and please pray for my Mom, as she will be caring for the little Bashams while we are away!
Thank you for your support, prayers and friendship.

Your servant in the hill country ~


3 thoughts on “Our 10th Anniversary Celebration

  1. Happy “10th” Anniversary

    Yay! Alone time together. You both deserve this time. Celebrating 10 yrs. of marriage is a big thing now a days. Enjoy every minute together and most importantly have FUN!


  2. DixieWags says:

    That is so cool that you are getting to go away for your anniversary. We have never done that. We have however been alone in the last seven years, just not very often, and not for our anniversary.

    Soak up every moment. Enjoy your time, and whatever you do, don't think about the kids once. They will be WELL taken care of if your mom is there. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!

    Can't wait to hear from you when you get back.


  3. Misty says:

    I hope that your alone time together went good and that you had lots of fun. I imagine the kids enjoyed their time with your Mother! Take care and Happy Anniversary 2 days late!!


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