I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. We got back from our anniversary trip on Friday afternoon, and then Mom had to be at the airport early on Saturday. We also had our first “In Service Saturday” this past weekend, and then, poor Lauren got a stomach virus Saturday night! She is better now, praise the Lord, but still battling a fever. :o( Anyway, without further ado, here are some photos of our San Antonio trip! It didn’t go exactly as planned, because the main thing we wanted to do was ride the boat on the River Walk, but, the River Walk was closed for cleaning until Jan. 11th! I was so disappointed. But I’m trying to look on the bright side…maybe I can come back for my birthday!! 🙂 We still had a great time. We did get to walk along the River Walk (there’s a great mall there where I bought several books at a Brentano’s bookstore!), and we went through the Alamo for the fifth time, but this time, there were no children with us to constantly need something, so it was nice. BTW, if you need to know anything about the Alamo, well, after five trips, I’m your girl! :0) We also went through some museums and enjoyed our wonderful Grand Suite at the Holiday Inn Express! We ate at Olive Garden (YES!) and enjoyed being together. I was torn though, as I also wanted to be able to spend time with my Mom, who was home babysitting. Between getting root canals and my trip, I feel like I hardly saw her. The kids spent lots of quality time with her though!

Me at the River Walk – you can see it’s low from being drained!
Terry at the River Walk
Hello, I’m your Alamo tour guide…just step this way to see a lock of Davy Crockett’s hair!
The sacred Alamo – where over 250 brave men gave their lives for Texas liberty!

Our suite was named in honor of David Robinson – a former Spurs player.
It had two rooms! Here is the living room.

Here I am in the kitchen. The cabinets had real dishes in them!

It was so nice! We had two TVs, a King size bed, and a hot tub! It was heavenly.
Our first In-Service Saturday was a huge success! I went soul winning with Mrs. Caroline, and we got to see a young lady accept the Lord as her Savior! Praise the Lord! I was wanting to at least get to see one person accept Christ this year, and I did on January 5th! I hope that she is the first of many souls saved this year. The people had a great spirit. We had 12 show up to be involved. I made Taco Soup for lunch, and I think it went over well. Thank you to those who are praying for our work here. It has been slow by our time-table, but the Lord has been working according to His schedule, and that’s the best timing of all!
As I was out visiting, I couldn’t help but be heart broken over some of the situations we encountered. So many folks are wealthy, but unhappy. Some are so poor, and bitter! Some are just trying to survive and are so weary. I have days when I battle depression, but overall, I have a joyful spirit. Why? What’s the difference between my life, and the lives of those listed above? One word: Jesus. Jesus makes all the difference. Now, some people get saved, but continue in sin or refuse to grow. They are not letting Jesus have all of them. When you trust Him for salvation, and give Him your life here and now, He will do great things!
What is the difference between me and the beggar on the street? Jesus.
What is the difference between my home, and a broken home? Jesus.
What is the difference between an alcoholic and me? Jesus.
What is the difference between my marriage and an unhappy one? Jesus.
What is the difference between my soul and a lost soul? Jesus.
Jesus has given me all I have. I can’t take credit for not being a beggar, or an alcoholic, or divorced or anything. I am not in those situations because of Jesus. He makes all the difference.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Some Blessings ~

  1. PJB says:

    Hey Valerie~ Oh, what memories of San Antonio area…….oh wait, I forgot, I didn't get to leave the base to tour the alamo and river walk or anything for that matter? I wish I could have, maybe someday I will get to return and actually do it and the plus would be that we could see you all as well.


  2. Mother says:

    Ever since you told me on the telephone, I have been rejoicing over the good number you had at your In Service Saturday and especially the soul you got to see saved! Hallelujah!

    I'm thankful that Lauren is better.

    I enjoyed seeing the photos of your anniversary trip.

    I love you.


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