The banner in the front of our church announcing our NEW Bible Study!!

We began our Ladies Bible Study at Northside Baptist Church yesterday. I was sooo nervous! I awoke at 4:55AM due to nerves! I headed to my devotional spot and could seem to only pray “Lord, I’m really nervous. What was I thinking. I’m so nervous. Please help me do this today.” I said this over and over.
Finally, I decided to read my Bible as my prayer time didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere, or was it? As I began my reading, the Lord really gave me comfort and encouragement. He showed me this verse:
Mark 10:27 And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.
What a blessing it was to hear from the Lord at the very moment that I needed Him.
He was clearly saying “You know what, you’re right to come to Me for help because you can’t do it. But I can.” My prayer time was working after all!
And He surely did come and meet with us. The ladies had a wonderful, cheerful Spirit – despite the early hour! Isn’t that how we should feel when we get together with God’s people? I think so!
We basically just had an introduction to the study yesterday. I explained that the point of this study is to help develop devotional habits. I don’t want to meet and fill in all the answers in our books and go home and not crack open our Bibles for a whole week. I want everyone to be reading God’s Word daily. It will change your life. We had ten ladies there!! Praise the Lord! That is nearly 100% of our ladies in the church. We had one lady who is not in our church come, so that was an added blessing from the Lord.
If you think of it, please be in prayer for the eleven remaining weeks of our Bible study. I would love to see some lost ladies find us, and find Jesus at the same time!
I will keep you posted.
Do you get in God’s Word everyday? If not, maybe you’d like to do this study with us, long distance. Here’s the information to order the book we’re working on. Even if you are in your Bible daily, this will be a great addition to your walk with the Lord.

One thought on “He was with Us

  1. Mother says:

    I am rejoicing over your wonderful turnout for the study. Considering the early hour, the number of weeks involved, and the size of your church, I think it is truly a miracle of God's blessing. His ways are so far above what we can think or hope!

    I like the banner. Think how many thousands of cars drive by that sign every week. Even if no one comes from seeing the sign, it announces to the world that exciting things are happening at Northside Baptist Church.

    I love you.


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