I was through with guys for quite some time, at least I thought so. Little did I know the man of my dreams, the man that I never thought I could get, would come along during a deep valley in my life and literally sweep me off me feet. No, he did not buy me a huge diamond. I don’t drive an SUV. I don’t get the latest fashions or live in a condo on the beach. Instead, I had a man pursue me with all that was in him. He never gave up on trying to win my heart. And he succeeded. Today, I live a home where I am loved and even adored. This love and admiration I know I do not deserve, yet Terry looks past my faults and sees the good. He is a wonderful picture of Christ. Christ loved me in spite of my faults. Christ loved me so much that He gave me a home in heaven someday, and a home that is heaven on Earth today. Terry is the reason for my heavenly abode!
I have a husband who is honest with me about myself. Yes, this sometimes hurts. But sometimes, love hurts. He is loving. He is thoughtful. He is hard working. He is wise beyond his years. He is faithful to the Lord first, to me second, our kids third, his parents fourth and to our church family fifth. He has his priorities in order. He fixes brakes for our church people for free. He takes me on dates to the Olive Garden!! (YES!) He takes the kids fishing. He cleans my Mom’s gutters. He works on her car, in the hot sun. He bathes the kids when I am running late, or just to give me a break. He babysits our church kids so the ladies can attend our ladies fellowships or the Bible Study.
Terry doesn’t go out and shake hands with the Mayor or the Chief of Police. He isn’t trying to get in good with big name preachers. He isn’t wanting a full page story in the newspaper. He is content with serving, working and loving behind the scenes.
Someday, I’ll tell you all just how wonderful he is. I’ll tell you how we met at 14 and couldn’t stand each other!! I’ll tell you about how his life took a detour from the Lord, and how the Lord righted his vessel. I’ll tell you how he finally convinced me, and my Dad, to give him a chance. I’ll tell you how he’s weathered betrayal, disappointment, and even threats on his life for the cause of Christ. For now, I’ll just tell you that I am so unworthy to be loved by such a wonderful man. He often tells me how he “married above himself in the caste system”. The truth is, I’m the pauper in this relationship. I’m the beggar who married a prince.
Happy birthday, Terry.
I love you.

5 thoughts on “He Makes My Home Heaven on Earth

  1. Misty says:

    What a great post about your hubby!! Happy Birthday Cuz!!!


  2. Gracie got a real big grin on her face when I showed her the post I did about her. She also wanted me to write, “Why, thank you!” to you. My daughter is such a trip! ;] You have a Wonderific Weekend yourself.

    If you would, please pray for our community. Between 11:30 am and 12:45 pm today our back door neighbor got robbed. Mike got home at 12:45pm and drove the van in the backyard to put some sod down, [that one of our church members gave us]. I noticed that her window was opened but I thought she was getting fresh air through her house. She came over and asked if we saw anything. Of which we hadn't. She left her house at 11:30 and I noticed her window being open at 12:45pm, so it happened that fast. There have been a lot of break-ins in the last few months in our neighborhood. And most of them is during morning hours. I called the neighbors that I had swapped phone numbers with. One person thinks it is someone in our neighborhood, because they have to know how many people live in the home and when they leave they have to know if everyone left, to rob the place. What's even more strange is that they cut her screen and was able to pop open her locked window without breaking it. Anyway, thought I would see if you could keep us in your prayers concerning this matters.


  3. Oh and Happy belated “30th” Birthday to your hubby!

    I didn't know you were older than him. Even if it is only by a month! lol

    I love hearing from you too!;]


  4. Matthew Slater says:

    Hello Basham Family.

    I was given your site by your mom Mrs. Valerie and I just had to come on and check out the 4 kids (wow) for myself. Ironically I was thinking of you guys about 2 night ago and I was wondering how you and Terry were doing. It is great to see that God has blessed you guys and from all accounts things are going well. The video of Laci is adorable and she speaks so clearly you must be a proud parent. I just moved back to Hot Springs myself. I miss getting to see you and the Courtney’s. Both of your families have such giving hearts and I am very thankful for the sacrifices you guys made during your times at HSBT.

    With much love and prayer

    Matthew Slater


  5. Anonymous says:

    Your walk with the Lord and your desire to preach the Gospel is a blessing to me.



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