As I go through my Bible each year, or as I teach through it in Super Church, I grieve when we “bury” a Bible character. I recently saw Samuel go to Heaven, and today, I opened up and started reading about the last words of David.
II Sam. 23:1 Now these be the last words of David. David the son of Jesse said, and the man who was raised up on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel, said,
When I read that these were the last words of David, it made me sad. “You mean I’ve already finished his life? We just started!” I thought to myself. I remember being sad when I finished teaching about Moses in Super church. We’d had about 7 weeks of lessons about him. I hated to see him go. Fortunately, I can resurrect both David and Moses by simply flipping back a few pages. That’s the beauty of any book, but especially the Bible. You can enjoy it over and over. With the Bible, you can get something brand new even though you’ve read it ten times! It’s a living book.
I’m so thankful that I can enjoy the lives of great Bible characters over and over on Earth, and meet them face to face someday in Heaven!

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