Hello all! Thanks so much for your patience while I get my new blog up and running. There are still many things up in the air. For one thing, I’m not sure if I like this look, and another more important thing, we’re not sure if we will keep this Internet service. We have 15 free days to try it. After that, we’re bound by a contract for two years! I hate being tied down like that. So, in a few days, if I cease posting, you’ll know it’s because we had to ditch this Internet service. I’m not sure at this time what else is available.
As for the church, we love it!! I’ll try to post photos soon. Everyone has been so kind and gracious to us. We feel as though we’ve known these people forever. We have jumped right in to our duties here. We’ve been able to see one of our teens, Britany, graduate from high school. I started doing Super Church last Sunday. Terry had to attend the funeral of Miss Faye, one of our members today. She had been in a nursing home for years, so she wasn’t able to attend church must lately. She was 96 years old! One of our ladies recently went to visit her and when she left she told her “I’ll see you again soon.” Miss Faye replied “Up there.” as she pointed to Heaven. She was prepared to see her Lord. Still, there will be folks saddened by her absence down here!
I just wanted to post a little update and let you know we are all alive and well. We had a fairly smooth time moving, if you can even speak about moving in those terms. We had a near collision on I-30 when some debris got into the road and vehicles ahead of us stopped suddenly. The Lord protected us, however, and no harm was done! Another great blessing is that Terry and I are not headed for divorce. Our marriage has survived, by God’s grace, yet another move! If you have moved even once, and you aren’t perfect, then you know that moving can be a huge stress on your marriage. We are rejoicing that it’s over, and that we still love each other! ;]
It is hard starting over again. I am so blessed that everyone so far has been very patient with me learning their names, and such. My first ladies meeting will be on June 21st here at the house. I have gotten some great game ideas and recipes (thanks, Pamela! ;] ) from various sources on the Internet. I am looking forward to visiting more with our ladies, but I’m nervous about pulling it all together, too!

It’s so great to be back! I’ve missed you all!

Your Friend in Hope ~

One thought on “We Made It!

  1. Mother says:

    Life moves so rapidly! You already have so much going on in Hope; you've already had to say goodbye to a church member! I admire the hard work you and Terry do.
    I love you.


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