When it comes to fitness, for me anyway, it can be a “three steps forward, two steps backward” kind of thing. I was making nice strides in being consistent in my workouts and eating a balanced diet before our move to Hope. Pausing home school, packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, resuming home school, and setting up a new household has definitely taken its toll on my workout routine. In fact, there has been no routine! As I type this, I am surrounded by a cluttered desk and home office. Why haven’t I put these things away? Because there is nowhere to put them! In Burnet, we had a desk in the parsonage, but it was not ours. Therefore, we are “deskless” here. This can be frustrating for someone who lives by the adage “A place for everything and everything in its place”. The rest of the house is coming along nicely, but this room…well, it isn’t. As for homeschooling, it’s basically done. We have few loose ends to tie up yet, but considering we took two unscheduled weeks off, we’re doing well. Now, I can focus on my workouts.
I’d like to quit. I want to say “Forget it!” But, I can’t. I did manage to eek out two workouts this week. I did tapes of Denise Austin’s old show Daily Workout. It is good. She is cheerful and balanced. Two things I love! Today, while we were working out, and I was sweating profusely, she said “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, it’s the real thing. You gotta give it your all.” What a nice reminder! It applies to everything. Our spiritual life, and our physical. By maintaining the physical side, we can do more with the spiritual side. Taking just a five minute walk reduces stress and helps to lower blood pressure, according to Leslie Sansone. By eating right and moving a little, we can keep ourselves in the kind of shape we need to be in to serve the Lord to the fullest. We’ll ward off diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and increase energy and strength. But it won’t happen overnight. It all begins with the first step.
And I’m officially taking the first step, for the second time.

Here’s something fun that may make you smile! 🙂

Have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Fitness Fridays: Never Give Up

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the new blog. Thanks for the encouragement to keep exercising and eating right. I know I have felt so tired this week and yet I felt so much better after exercising three times this week. I love the cartoon. How true!!!

    Love you,


  2. Mother says:

    Welcome back! I'd say that moving, packing, and unpacking provide pretty vigorous workouts.

    Have you thought of trying Aristotle for your Internet service? They charge fifty cents an hour.

    Love you.


  3. David Kaplan says:

    You can see Denise Austin weekday mornings on ESPC. They are showing reruns of Getting Fit.


  4. Thought I'd drop a line or two too.

    You writing Never Give Up reminds me of the song I use to have on my blog. :]

    Has God given Lauren a special friend yet?


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