Maybe I should use the sub-title, “and that you may not care to know about me.” for this post. Oh, well, I feel dangerous today, so I’m leavin’ it off.
I was recently trying to decide what my “style” was, or what makes me unique, aside from my being weird that is. That doesn’t count. “Weird” and “unique” have two very different meanings. At least, in my mind they do. Here’s what I came up with:

1. I am left-handed. Although, this isn’t as unusual as it once was, it is still unique in my family. No one in my extended family, on either side, was left-handed when I was born.
2. I hold the record in my family for apologies. I was always doing something that I shouldn’t or saying something that I shouldn’t. To this day, I am not afraid to apologize to anyone.
3. I love the the color purple! The actual color, not the movie. I’ve never seen the movie, but the title piques my interest.
4. At age four or five,I told a sales lady at the Hot Springs Mall that my name was “Tina”. My mother, who was nearby, shattered my dream world by explaining to the lady that my name was Valerie, not Tina. Oh how I hated my name!
5. I used to do commercials for all types of dairy products while grocery shopping with my Mom. Not for TV, but LIVE! Yes, I was object of many an odd look. And to think, my Mom still claims me! As do my brother and sister! I have a great family.
6. I love the movies Anne of Green Gables, and Anne of Avonlea. I absolutely adore those movies! My all time fave though, is It’s a Wonderful Life! I adore James Stewart!
7. I love to read fiction. As young girl, I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Lauren was supposed to be named “Laura” after my favorite author. However, Terry altered her name at her birth. I named Leslie “Leslie Anne” (with an “e”) because I loved the “Anne” books, and movies so much.
8. I was once struck by lightning. Not severely, but enough to scare me away indoors when the lightning starts flashing. Hey, you never know, it could strike twice!
9. I stood next to Clarence Gilliard at the Burnet Library. He was “Trivette” on Walker, Texas Ranger, and he was also on Matlock, with ANDY GRIFFITH!!!
10. Lastly, you probably don’t know that I once nearly ran over Sherman Helmsley, who played George Jefferson on the Jeffersons.
Sorry, Sherman! I really loved your show!

As you can see, I’m not very unique. Maybe I should learn to love “weird”! ;]

4 thoughts on “Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. Mary says:

    You're no more weird than the rest of us! Lol! We are alot alike in fact! I can't believe you've seen Trivette in person! That is too cool! I love Walker Texas Ranger! 🙂 I also love purple. My wedding colors were lavendar and grey. And I love Laura Ingalls Wilder! I went to her house in Missouri when I was younger with my parents. Didn't really appreciate it as much as I should have or would now. So I guess we are both unique! 🙂


  2. Amanda Tyler says:

    Very interesting!! I did know a few of those things.


  3. Mother says:

    I doubt that anyone else in the world can lay claim to almost running over Sherman Helmsley! I'm thankful we can say “almost!”

    Very amusing/interesting list.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it!!



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