I had my first ladies meeting/fellowship at my home this past Saturday, June 21st. It went really well. The ladies all enjoyed the food, so that was good. If you haven’t made these Apple Dumplings, then please stop what you’re doing and go make them! They are absolutely delicious! My friend, Pamela, recommended them to me. She said “Valerie, if you make these, everyone will so love you.” Well, I want to be “so loved” so I made them. And you know what? I think it worked! I get a lot more smiles and hellos now! ;]

Anyway, while my house looked decent, I stopped my ladies meeting preparations and ran around my house at a frenzied pace, snapping photos. Come on in, and welcome!

The entry way from the carport. The view as you enter my kitchen from the above entry way. I recently painted above my cabinets and put this apple border on. I love it!! I love red in my kitchen! It’s so cheerful! The walls were already red, I just did the green beneath the border. Okay, Terry did the green beneath the border, and I did the border. I gotta be real here.To my left(not pictured) is my laundry area, sink and the stove and fridge are on the right.The living room. I just got these end tables when we moved in!! I’ve never had end tables before! Yay!The hallway. Not much to say here. 🙂 To the left of the entry way is the school room. It used to be a carport, but a former pastor closed it in. I love this room! Sorry it’s so dark!Another view of the school room. It needs some decorating. I’ve got more to do there.The dining room! I had it set up for the ladies meeting.
My bedroom. I love the wood paneling in this room! The pastor that closed in the carport also added this room, the dining room and another bathroom. What a great guy!

This is the master bathroom. It has two sinks! The shower is in another room.

Laci’s room. It used to be a blueish-gray color. Now it’s PINK! Maybe a little too pink, but oh well. I plan to do some kind of border or something in here eventually, just to break up all that pink! But until then, you better keep your shades on in this room!

Lauren’s and Leslie’s room…once again, it’s a work in progress!
Mitchell’s room is very unique. Two walls have a deer type paneling, and two are wood grain. I didn’t know that printed paneling existed! Live and learn!There’s also another bathroom down this hallway. I didn’t get a photo of it.

This is the other view of the entry way. You can see it’s a “catch all” type room. If I don’t know where it goes, I put it in here! 🙂
Ah, yes! The best photo of them all! What good is a house if there aren’t any people around to make it a happy place? Here’s a photo or two of our ladies meeting. Your first look at some of the sweet faces of Grace Baptist Church.

Here we are doing what I love the most! Eating!! I had a great time…I think everyone else did too!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my Home…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm so glad you liked the dumplings and now you are so loved for it. I told you! So happy to see your photos and that you had a great ladies meeting.


  2. Mother says:

    The house looks great. You and Terry have really worked hard the last month. You had a wonderful crowd of ladies; it looks like a lot of fun.

    Thanks for the photo tour.

    I love you.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the photos. The Lord has blessed you with a beautiful home. You put me to shame. I am still trying to decide where to hang pictures. Can't wait to see you.



  4. Yay! Did I say Yay? Pictures!

    Ohhhhh Valerie! Your home is beautiful. I didn't know that you did your kitchen in apples. You did a great job with the apple border. Now the painting on the other hand?????? lolol NO, your hubby did a wonderful job too.

    I had lots of apple stuff before we moved here. Though a lot of it broke over the years. So I decided it was time for a change. When I first got married it was bears, than it went to apples and now it's cafe' design accented with the little fat chef's figurines. Hopefully I will stick with this design. lol Though I still have apple towels and bear towels to dry with. :]

    I am so glad that your ladies meeting went well for you. It looks like you love to entertain. You make a great Pastor's Wife and I know your new ladies are glad that you are there and love you to death already.

    I have lots to post. I think I need to take a Tuesday and just tackle my blog. lol I'm sooo far behind it's not funny. Though I have missed quite a few tasks in between weeks too.

    Today just feels like it's been a very long day. I have the kids in the Indiana Jones Reading Program at the library and the Winding Ridge Reading Program at their school. Though after I typed that I believe you already know that. So it's been busy just with that. Plus their teachers gave them summer school work too. Thursday is the day that we are gone most of the day for both libraries, than pick up hubby from work, come home, make supper and than give piano lessons. Come to think of it, it has been long.

    Sorry I didn't mean to bore you with the details of my day. It just feels good to not have to talk. Though you would never have guessed that with the long “letter” I just wrote here. lol

    Well here's hoping that it won't be another week by the time I get to say “Hey” again.

    LYL Cyber Friend
    Kristine ;]


  5. ~ Miss Nom ~ says:

    Thanks for the tour! 🙂 I'm just curious though – does Leslie have a room?! 😛


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