Okay, maybe she doesn’t really have it in for me, but it sure does feel like it! I’ve been having a lot of sinus trouble lately, and since I don’t have a doctor here in blessed Hope, I am trying the “housewife, heal thyself” remedy. Basically, it’s prayer,vitamins, prayer, water, rest, some exercise, and more prayer.
I recently got a Denise Austin DVD called “Blast away 10 lbs.” (I first accidentally typed 109 instead of 10! Wow! Wouldn’t that be amazing! Blast away 109 lbs.! Oh, but anyway, I digress…) This is a kickboxing workout, and kickboxing is an excellent way to shed fat. So, in an effort to improve circulation – which is how our bodies heal, by the way – and get fit, I did the first 20 minute workout. Okay, really, I just completed as much of this workout as my sinus-drainage head could manage. At one point I felt as though Denise had me pinned to the mat and someone was dialing 911, but then I realized it was my sinus meds making me see and hear all of that. I just stopped for a minute, steadied myself and pushed “pause.” I then ran to take two huge puffs of my inhaler. Then, being the OC (obsessive-compulsive), “finish what you start, even if it finishes you” nut that I am, I went back and pushed “play.” My heart was telling me “you can keep going, but I’m taking a break.” Right then, Denise began the cool down…that sweet, relaxing, wonderful cool down! (From which I did not get very cool!)
I then plopped down in front of my computer with my water bottle to let you know that I worked out just because of you. I hated to sit down and type another “zero” for my efforts this week. Okay, I did it because I’m OC, but I’m OC about this blog, not you, so don’t think that you’re my enabler or anything. I’d be this way even if no one read my blog, because that’s how I am. (I told you that I was weird!)

Have a good week, everyone!

PS..I had a cartoon, but I couldn’t get it to fit, so maybe I’ll have better luck next week! Until then, just laugh when you think of me trying to be consistent! :]

2 thoughts on “Fitness Fridays: Denise Wants to Kill Me

  1. Mother says:

    Congratulations for working out even when you feel so bad. I don't have that much self-discipline, but I admire yours. I have been getting up earlier to do my walks so it's a little cooler; then I take a nap after breakfast!
    Hope you sinuses are better soon.
    I love you.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I admire your dedication. I hope you feel better soon. I just bought Leslie Sansone's 4 mile DVD. It comes with a resistance band that you use on the last mile. I love the people that work out with her, because they are real people. Hang in there!!



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