I just wanted to report that I finally worked out five times since my last Fitness Friday post!!! Yep, and it only took me till July!

Hope you have had a great holiday! I thank the Lord for allowing me to live in a free country.

Happy Fourth, and happy Friday!!

4 thoughts on “Fitness Fridays: I Finally Did It!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Way to go!!!! Yea!!!! I am thrilled when I hit my goal of three times a week.



  2. Terry says:

    You work out all the time!! You mop the floors on your hands and knees, you run all day getting meals, changing babies and rescuing children from themselves. Last but not least you entertain guests and conduct a children's church. THEN you live with a maniac! (me).

    You are wonderful!
    Love you, TB2


  3. That is awesome! You Go Girl!

    I finally have gotten back on track with my T.T.T., though I haven't posted about them the last couple of times. I have been working in my kitchen. “Hoping” to post about them tonight.

    I don't see how you do it. I have been home schooling the kids over the summer and that pretty much zaps all my time. If I'm not there to tutor them they are both in a pool of tears. I admire you even more for being able to keep up with everything.

    Just wanted to drop by and leave U a line or 2 or 3!

    Thank you, I had a great 4th and a great Friday as while!

    SIDE NOTE: How's Laci doing?


  4. Misty says:

    Hope you all had a good 4th! Tony and I enjoyed our vacation. I will post pictures soon!!


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