Man…am I tired. We had a very good, but very exhausting first day. Terry felt ill this morning. We thought he was getting the flu. After I forced him (okay, I exaggerate slightly) to take some ibuprofen, he did feel better. I’d like to publicly thank the Lord that he does not, I repeat, does not have the flu!!
We got started at about 8:30 and worked until 10:30, when we took a short break. We then continued on until 11:30. We had everything done by lunch except for Lauren’s history. I was pleased but tired. And did I mention I was thirsty? Tired and so thirsty. Anyway, after lunch we finished up history, then I did laundry. I made a grocery list and went shopping. I went to a new store and got sooo much food for so little money. If you don’t have an Aldi – which is the all time best money saving store – then I hope you have a Super One Foods. Great tasting generics, great savings and great specials. The only draw back is bagging your own groceries. At Aldi, you can take your cart over to a counter and bag at your leisure. At Super One, you’re right there by the cashier and bagging with other customers breathing down your neck. It was a little uncomfortable. After loading them in the van, unloading them and putting them all away, it was time to cook! yay. Did that lack enthusiasm? Good, it was supposed to. I don’t LOVE cooking, but I can tolerate cooking. But it’s really hard when you’re mentally tired and physically exhausted. I made oven fried pork chops. Even my kids liked them! I also made a fruit salad for dessert, and they liked it too!
While at Super One I stocked up on frozen bone-in chicken breasts which I got for $.77 a pound. I bought four packages. I got the pork chops on sale for $1.17 a pound. I was one happy tired shopper.
Oh, and another blessing to share, and then I promise to put an amen to it all! Maybe. :] A very generous, sweet, wonderful man in our church bought us a freezer!!! I am now able to take full advantage of those wonderful specials at Super One. Thank you, Bro. Bobby! And, I’m really sorry for bursting in on your Sunday School class last week. :]
After all that food, it was time to clean up, bathe kids, mop the floor, and you get the idea. Work. And now, my fine and wonderful cyber friends, now that I’ve bored you out of your skull, I will retire for some much needed rest.
I’m sure you will sleep better now too. Now that I’ve already put you to sleep.
I bid you adieu as my Dad used to do in his oh-so-poetic manner.
“Goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

PS The time stamp on this post is wrong….it’s really 9:55 PM. Just wanted to clarify lest you think I’m some freak who goes to bed while it’s still daylight. (Oh, you already think I’m a freak? Well, at least you know that I don’t go to bed while it’s still daylight. That part we’re clear on!) :]

One thought on “We Survived the First Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am exhausted after reading about your first day. I am glad it went so well. I am impressed you were able to finish almost everything by lunch. How long did it take to teach Mitchell? Is Super One the grocery store you told me about?? I am glad you are enjoying your freezer.



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