On Friday, July 25, Melanie and I took the older kids to the SciWorks Museum in Winston-Salem. Terry stayed at Melanie’s house with Laci.Walter slept that day because he is on third shift at the plant he works at. Originally, Leslie was supposed to stay home too, but she asked so sweetly about going that I said she could go too. Melanie bought us lunch at McDonald’s and brought it over to the museum so we could eat in the cafeteria at SciWorks. McDonald’s put our food in the world’s largest McDonald’s bag! I should’ve taken a picture! You wouldn’t believe it! Others in the cafeteria were staring at our huge McDonald’s bag. I kid you not. While I was eating, I sat and looked at that bag and got so tickled I could barely eat. But only for a minute or two. I don’t let much stand in the way of me and a cheeseburger, even an enormous McDonald’s bag.
The kids had a great time. FINALLY, here are some photos! :]

I just love these pictures! My three little astronauts!

Leslie enjoyed the golf. She and Stephen and Mitchell also loved the play room. They had a toy cash register and small groceries. They played there a long time.
Don’t let it eat you!
Whew. I’m glad I have a strong nephew and daughter! That was close!
Here we are in the planetarium waiting on the show, which was so interesting, by the way. The man let everyone hold a meteorite.
One thing Lauren couldn’t wait to do at Aunt Melanie’s was ride the boy’s go-cart. She had so much fun…and so did a few other people! :]

“Can I please have a turn, Dad?”

Even Terry got a turn on the go-cart. No, I didn’t give it a whirl. Though I seriously considered it.
Well, I better get started on the day. Thanks for stopping by…there’s more to come!

One thought on “Vacation Journal: Part Two

  1. Anonymous says:

    We loved the photos. We had a great time and we sure miss all of you.



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