On July 26, Melanie and I had made plans to go to Olive Garden with two of her friends. I’d already heard many nice things about Angie and Wendy, but it was so nice to put a face with the name. Right as the server was bringing our salad, Mel’s cell phone rang. It was her husband, Walter. He called to tell us that Stephen broke his leg while jumping on the trampoline, and it looked bad. We didn’t know what to do. Leave right then and go to the hospital, or stay and eat and then go?? Well, we finished our meal, but it was definitely a meal shrouded in fear. At one point, Walter called to say the doctors had said Stephen might need surgery. We praise the Lord that he didn’t. He got a cast, and some heavy pain medication and was able to go home.
I hope to one day get to return to Mayberry…er, oh, I mean, Winston-Salem and visit with Melanie and her friends again. Maybe next time I won’t take my little ducklings along!

Thank you for visiting with us, Angie and Wendy! It was so nice to finally meet you!
July 27 was Sunday. We were able to attend Gospel Light Baptist with Melanie. (Walter had to stay with Stephen) We were privileged to hear Melanie’s Pastor, Bobby Roberson preach the morning service. He preached a wonderful message! I really admire that man! He’s so humble, so genuine! I will be posting more about that soon. Sunday afternoon we went home and the kids played in Melanie’s gorgeous backyard! I used to be so jealous of North Carolinians when I lived in Texas. But now I live in Arkansas!
Below are some random photos from the day:

While in North Carolina, we discovered that Leslie loves to swing!
Oh, and she never stops talking either. But, we already knew that she loved to talk, so that was no surprise. She takes after her Dad in that respect. He just talks and talks and talks…;] Yeah, right! :]
Here’s our little invalid. At least he’s smiling…that’s a good sign! He has a smaller cast now, but I bet it’s still a pain. :[

Here’s Terry’s “artwork” on Stephen’s cast. I thought it was so cute. But, I am a little biased. :]
Well, I’m still not done chronicling my vacation. I hope you’re not bored to death. This is all I have time to post right now, but no worries! I shall return! :]

3 thoughts on “Vacation Journal: Part Three

  1. Mother says:

    I'm so glad you were able to take this vacation, and I am enjoying all the photos. Maybe Leslie will grow to love swinging as much as Andrew. He is “The Big Swinger.”
    Love you.


  2. Wendy says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Now I am really depressed and sooooo fat. I mean, I knew I was a BIG beautiful woman, but really to BIG. It puts it in perspective when you see yourself on the world WIDE web.
    Can't wait for you to come again and we get to really visit.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The photos were great! We enjoyed your visit. We are still remembering all the cute things the kids said while they were here.



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