We had survived the broken leg that my poor nephew, Stephen, got on the Saturday we were in North Carolina. We had survived a busy Sunday morning getting everyone ready and out the door for church on Sunday. We had thoroughly enjoyed hearing the preaching of Bro. Bobby Roberson in the morning, and Shelton Smith in the evening. All went pretty smoothly at Gospel Light that day…all except when I left my Bible in the bathroom and didn’t realize it until I was quite a distance away. I then ran (when no one was looking) back to the bathroom to retrieve it. My dress shoes clop-clopped along the floor, and I was sweating profusely in my Sunday dress. I managed to find the right bathroom (there must be 40 bathrooms in that place) but couldn’t recall the stall. I looked in all of them, but found no Bible. GASP!! Fear struck my heart! Had I lost it?? Surely no one would steal a Bible. Would they? Then, I remembered that the little shelf-thingy that I placed it on was behind the door!! Yes! I got it! I then swiftly scooted by (while smiling of course! I didn’t want to appear rude!) two deacons with programs in hand to get back out to Terry and Melanie and get to Sunday School. We made our grand entrance fifteen minutes late. I know! Who woulda thought that getting your Bible could make you so late?!
Anyway, we made it through all of that. And now, thanks to my describing it all play by play, you have too! Whew. Now, we could go site seeing! Our first stop: Mt. Airy!!! What? Know ye not what fine attraction is located in Mt. Airy, North Carolina? Surely you jest! Well, just in case you aren’t jesting, allow me to explain. It’s Mayberry!!! Andy Griffith’s hometown! Yes! And let me tell you, the photos below do not do my excitement justice! As we drove into Mt. Airy, the water tower has a silhouette of Andy and Opie with their fishin’ poles walking hand in hand. *sigh* Doesn’t it sound perfectly wonderful? I know, I’m a bit too idealistic. I admit it. I wasn’t able to get a good photo of the water tower so you could share in my idealistc pleasures. :[ However, if any of you dear North Carolinians have one that you’d like to email me, I’d love to see it!!
We also got to see Mt. Pilot..I mean Pilot Mountain! It was gorgeous! Okay. Enough. I’ll stop gabbing and let you take a look at our photos! I hope you like them!

The day started out calmly enough. The cousins were hangin’ out. For a minute I worried that they were discussing a devious plot to take away my camera. But then, I remembered I’m not only idealistic…I’m paranoid too. So I let the whole thing go.
But I kept watching from the basement window. Where no one knew I was secretly snapping photo after photo.
Oh no!! They may have spotted me!! That was close! Luckily, they are now swinging from trees. That’s much better than sitting around plotting…I mean talking.
Soon after I snapped these photos, we headed out to the promised land! (Don’t worry. I’m only kidding. I don’t really think that Mt. Airy is the promised land. I read my Bible. Please don’t write me and line me out, okay? Please?)
Drum roll please……
Here it is!! Here I am with Andy and Opie!! I was so excited!! I’m grinning just a little too broadly, aren’t I? Wait! Don’t answer that!! I couldn’t help myself!
Lauren and Opie!!
Here’s the plaque beneath the statue. It says: The Andy Griffith Show
a simpler time- a sweeter place-a lesson- a laugh – a father and a son
That sums it up perfectly. That is exactly what I love about Andy!!

LOOK! They have guided tours of Mt. Airy in the squad car! Okay, it’s not the squad car, but it sure is close! We weren’t able to that, but maybe we can the next time we go! Anyone know of a place that gives away all inclusive trips to Mt. Airy?? If you do, please let me know! I want to enter! :]

There’s Otis!

Here’s the Snappy Lunch, which is mentioned on two Andy episodes. We were unable to eat there because this place is the world’s most successful restaurant. I know because they stay open exactly two hours and fifteen minutes. Isn’t that amazing? We ate at Wendy’s instead. Maybe we can eat there next time.
After our quick trip to Mt. Airy, we headed back toward Winston-Salem, stopping at Pilot Mountain on the way. It was so nice. Even the heat (low 90’s) didn’t seem too bad up there. It has a beautiful view. Just thinking about it all makes me miss Melanie, Walter, David Allen, Andrew and Stephen…yeah, I really need to win a trip back out there people.

Here’s one view…
Here’s “the knob”.
Here are some of the kids. (Left to right: Andrew, Lauren, Mitchell, David Allen and Leslie) See that girl in the front with the yellow shirt on? Watch out for her! She’s trouble! I can say this because she’s just like me!
Cousins enjoying the view!!

My girl took this photo. It was supposed to have the entire sign in it. You know what I’m gonna say. Maybe next time! :]

Here’s Mitchell pushing Laci in the stroller. One second after I took this, he fell and subsequently let go of the stroller. She sped down this sidewalk and crashed at the bottom. She wasn’t injured, in fact, she didn’t even cry! Mitchell did scrape his knee a little though. There’s never a dull moment around our crew! :]
Here I am! I was really there, enjoying the view!! I still can’t believe it’s over. I waited so long, and now it’s already over. It was a blast!
Here’s David Allen. I thought this pose was great! I said “Give me fear” and he nailed it! (just kidding)
Here’s some of the gang taking a rest in the shade. I think I’ll go take a rest too.

It’s been great telling you all about my wonderful dream vacation. I have still more to share. I have to tell you about the Sword Conference, about meeting Bro. Clarence Sexton, about seeing our friends, the Collins’s, and about not seeing the Tylers, oh and about seeing Helen Keller’s home in Alabama! Thanks for staying with me. If you didn’t visit me here in cyberspace, I would be of all ladies most miserable. Thanks so much for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Vacation Journal: Part Four

  1. Mother says:

    I'm enjoying the vacation chronicles and especially the photos. It really makes me want to visit there again.

    I love you.


  2. Amanda Tyler says:

    I'm enjoying reading about your trip. I can't wait until you get to the part where you don't see me! 😉



  3. Anonymous says:

    I was just preteding to be afraid.

    David Allen


  4. Anonymous says:

    I loved the photos. You got so many great shots at Mt. Airy. We have been missing you all and re-living our favorite Mitchell and Leslie quotes.

    Love and miss you,


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