I want to wish my nephew, David Allen Pledger, a wonderful 11th birthday today!!! I can’t believe he is eleven years old. I was only eleven myself when I became an Aunt for the first time. For about 9 years, I was a professional Aunt. I had no younger siblings, but I had two nephews and a niece before David Allen was born. When he was only three months old, I was married. When he was two, I had my first child. I can remember how sweetly he would play on the floor. I remember not wanting to put him, or any of my nephews or niece, down! I wanted to hold them constantly! 🙂 I enjoyed being the babysitter!

Time is flying by, and I am so thankful for every moment I’ve been able to be a part of your life, David Allen. I hate that we are separated by so many miles and mountains! I’m so thankful that we are saved, for one day, there will be no more separation!
Have a wonderful birthday today, and eat some cake for me, too!
Aunt Valerie 🙂
PS I miss you guys so much!!!!
Enjoy these photos taken this past summer in beautiful North Carolina.

This one is kinda blurry. He’s speeding by me, and I think he’s giving me the “peace” sign. Is that what it is? Or maybe he was doing a “V” for his wonderful Aunt Valerie!! Or maybe that’s how many laps he’d taken. Hmmm. Whatever it is, it’s cute!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to a Great Guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the nice comments on your blog. I really enjoyed your visit here this summer. I wish we lived closer to each other. I will definitely eat a piece of my stawberry cake for you.

    Love you,
    David Allen


  2. Happy Birthday David!

    So weird I noticed on your sidebar my blog isn't updating~I have posted twice since that post….wonder what's going on. Oh well

    Hope you have a wonderful evening


  3. Mother says:

    I could never access the Internet yesterday, but I enjoyed reading the tribute to David Allen and seeing the pictures today.



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