FOR TODAY…January 26, 2009

Outside My Window…It is dark. The clouds are blocking what little of the sun that has risen this morning.

I am thinking…about the ice that may be coming our way tomorrow.

I am thankful for…the fact that I am off of my prescription medication for my shoulder!

From the learning rooms…plans are ready for a new week in school. We will be writing book reports and continuing our State notebook in fourth grade. In first grade will be continuing in phonics, reading, and arithmetic as usual. We are needing to finish some art projects in both grades.

From the kitchen…I am planning the menu for this week as well as a grocery list.

I am wearing…denim culottes, a salmon colored shirt, and my athletic shoes. (I just finished my kickboxing workout.)

I am creating…computer graphics for my WebTech University Paint Shop Pro 201 class. I finish it up this week!! 🙂

I am going…to actually go grocery shopping myself this week! I had planned to go last week, but my shoulder hurt so badly at the end of the day, that I couldn’t go. My wonderful husband was able to do it for me. What a blessing!

I am reading…my Bible and finishing up two other books.

I am hoping…to be able to do some blogging this week!

I am hearing…the heater running and my own typing.

Around the house…is so very clean!!!! My husband and children pitched in this past weekend and we got the house looking spotless! My laundry is caught up and most of the clutter is removed. I used last Monday as a day off of school and cleaned out some closets and reorganized some cabinets. It feels so good!

One of my favorite things…writing.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Finishing my PSP 201 class, cooking, homeschooling, blogging, finding out if we have a homeschool co-op in this area.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…my husband and his friend from Mattoon, Illinois, Thomas Butler.

Terry has been blessed to have many friends and Thomas would probably be the best. They have known each other since childhood and have remained close ever since. He has been there for Terry and me in our darkest days. He is a true friend. He and his family came to us the weekend of New Year’s! It was such a blessing to see him, his wife, and his two girls. I hope to be blogging about it this week.

Special thanks to the hostess of the Simple Woman’s Daybook.

5 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook #6

  1. HsKubes says:

    What a blessing real friends are!
    I hope your shoulder gets to feeling better!
    May you have a lovely week!

    ~ Christina


  2. Kristy... says:

    they kind of look alike a little, Before readind and just seeing the picture I thought they were brothers or at least cousins


  3. Mother says:

    Thinking that you were not blogging very often, I haven't checked the last few days. It was good to see your entries today and catch up on your news and your thoughts. I love you.


  4. Kick boxing and a bad shoulder . . . I'm thinking that your Mother would say that this is a not a good combination :)! Hoping that you are feeling better.


  5. I didn't know that you were taking a class for web design. How awesome is that?!!!!

    What a blessing that your house is clean. What a great husband and kids the Lord has given you to help out! He truly carries us in the times that we need him most.

    I want to know if you ever got Thomas Michael Landon Butler back.=)

    Continue to take care of yourself and stop arm wrestling your husband. That shoulder just can't take it anymore ;p



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