We’ve been working our way through world history using The Story of the World. It’s new to me to use a book that didn’t come with scripted lesson plans. In fact, recently, it’s been a source of much anxiety and hyperventilating. Yes, ladies and….ladies, I am very much of a text book kind of homeschooling Mom. I enjoy seeing books filled with neatly completed workbook pages. I am sort of a tyrant about it. I wanted to loosen up – JUST A LITTLE – this year.  I found the series of books called The Story of the World, which is a chronological history of the world. It’s a good read. I enjoy it. But then, I’m thirty….one.

To make our study  more interesting, I have tried to think up little projects we can do to help the material stick. We often illustrate what we read and keep it in a binder with our nature walk journal entries. Last week we studied the ancient forms of writing known as hieroglyphics and cuneiform. Hieroglyphics are the stone carvings – drawings –  that the Egyptians did eons ago. Cuneiform was done by the Sumerians. It is writing or drawing done in wet clay and then left to dry. I thought this would make a fun project for us to do, and it could double as art, as well! We used the Crayola Air Dry clay. It resembles real potter’s clay, except you can’t fire it. Once the kids did their “ancient” writing, they made some little pots as well.
Here are a few pics:
Lauren and Mitch working on our version of cuneiform writing.

Lauren really got into it! 🙂

Here’s the best shot of the finished product that I could get. I’m sorry it’s hard to see.They “read” to me what they were drawing , but I can’t remember now! (blushing)

I almost caved and bought a regular history curriculum because I really get nervous when I don’t have everything spelled out for me concerning homeschooling. But, my husband calmed me down, a task with which he is all too familiar, and encouraged me that I could do it. I keep telling myself that I CAN teach my children – without lesson plans – and have fun at the same time. But, I have a feeling that it will take a few more months of “therapy” before I gain confidence. (My poor husband!)

I’m not sure what path our history adventures will take next, but I’ll do my best to keep you posted.
Have you used The Story of the World Volume 1? Have any ideas or tips to share? I’d love to hear from you! Please comment here. 🙂


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