No matter how sick or tired I may feel on any given day, nothing brightens my day more than my children. They all are so unique and talented. They are all joyful children. They each one possess different talents, but all share the ability to communicate well. I suppose I am biased, what mother isn’t?

I hope you enjoy this look at my Leslie Anne.
She made a little hideout behind our recliner!
You never know what you’ll find on a church’s property! Leslie found this part of an old bicycle. She is pushing it. Now, doesn’t that look like fun? Oh, and no, we don’t buy our kids many toys. You can see they’ve already been provided some excellent entertainment in old junk.
She loves her new Dora pajamas! Not sure what this pose is all about though.
Leslie did her own hair! I think it’s pigtails…but then maybe not. Her hair is very fine and won’t stay up very well. I haven’t gotten to enjoy the frilly hair bows on any of my girls. But at least I can have a good laugh when we try to fix it up!
She fell asleep reading this book, or trying to. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo. And yes, I fixed her head after I took the picture. It looks most uncomfortable.
The girls made an “ironing board” out of their rocking chair. Leslie’s hand is the iron. (Don’t try this, it really doesn’t work. NOT that I tried it myself or anything…)
Leslie at the Ozark Folk Center this past summer. She usually doesn’t stand still long enough to take a photo! She looks as though she’s  growing right before my very eyes.
Leslie posing with my Mom at Mom’s birthday party. Not sure why she’s making that face. Probably because she takes after her father. He’s always doing crazy things like this. Yes, that’s it. Her father. 😉
Whether rain or shine, cold or heat, Leslie is my dependable one. She can be found at my side in the kitchen, waiting to help. Or perhaps she’s helping her baby sister (pictured above) use the restroom. She might be folding towels for me, or picking up some area of the house, all the while saying “I knew this room would be messed up if we let the kids play in there.” She may be found lying beside me at night, talking to me non-stop about things that have only happened in her own mind. You may see her on all fours making a human step out of her back so Laci can climb up on the bed.
But whatever she’s doing, you can be sure she will be bringing joy to those around her, because that’s what Leslie does best.
A happy and grateful Mother,


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