During the past two months, I have completed a Bible study on having a meek and quiet spirit – especially regarding homeschooling. I find it so easy to sigh, huff and puff, or even speak angrily to my children when we’re doing school work. I noticed that during the day, there were things that irritated me that had nothing to do with school. However, the irritation lasted during school and beyond. Here are a few things that helped bring peace to my life. These things didn’t solve all my meekness problems, but it helped, and I need all of that I can get! These have been small and inexpensive things to do in my home, but they have brought about some major improvements in my spirit!

1. Felt pads on the chairs. I hated hearing the grinding, sliding noise of the dining room chairs on the linoleum floor first thing in the morning. It set my teeth on edge. The felt pads cost less than $5 and took me 5 minutes to put on. It’s been so nice to not hear that noise first thing in the morning!

2. Assigned seats at the table. My children were constantly bickering at the table over whose seat was whose. Why I didn’t do this a long time ago, I don’t know, but I’m glad I did it now! Each child has a seat that my husband chose for them. They sit in their seat at every meal, or if we are at the table doing something else. No questions asked…and no bickering! πŸ™‚
3. Assigned chores. I’ve tried many different chore methods over my 10 years of motherhood, and this one has worked the best. The children wear the “chore packs” and flip each card after the chore is completed. I no longer have to nag them about anything from brushing their teeth to feeding the dogs- the chore card in their pack does my “nagging”. I just make sure they grab their packs in the morning and evening. There are special jobs for them to do on Saturday, as well. It’s been low maintenance on my end, and I love that! I have to tweak the system now and then, but over all, it runs itself. I even purchased a subscription to the online version of this system, and that was money well spent! I can print out “picture cards” for my two non-readers!

4. Water color paints. I bought them at Wal-M*rt for a dollar. They’ve given my three year old hours of happiness! Money well spent! She will sit at the table and work on her “paintings” for an hour or more at a time. This can also be said of play-dough and cutting! It’s been great to have her busy on something and not have to stand over her. I can be in and out of the room with out worry. πŸ™‚

I wish these things had eliminated my fear of not being meek. They haven’t. But they have helped me get closer to my goal of being a meek and quiet homeschooling mom and wife. I just keep wondering, what took me so long? Oh well, better late, than never! πŸ™‚

One thought on “Small Things, Big Results

  1. Laura :) says:

    As a mom of only one child, I enjoy hearing about the trials of more than one. Oops, does that sound like I enjoy that you have trials? Not intended that way. Just gives me insight as to how it is for others with large families.

    I love the look of this new blog!!!!

    Laura πŸ™‚


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