Someday, I will have more energy, you know, when I’m not with child, hot, and miserable! Someday, I will learn some new dishes to prepare for my family – things that don’t involve boxes or cans! Someday, I will take more pictures, and actually print them out and put them in albums. Someday, I will sort through all of the birthday-Mother’s Day-Father’s Day-“just because” cards and file them or put them in a scrapbook. Someday, I will learn a new hobby…maybe. Someday, I will write more. Someday, I will decorate my house with something besides photos. Maybe I’ll learn to arrange flowers! Or make a wreath! Someday, I will take a trip with my husband for several days, and eat a meal where I don’t have to cut up someone’s food. Someday, I will have a lengthy conversation with my husband where I am not interrupted 14 times – and it won’t be midnight, either!

I’ll do these things someday, when my children are older, or grown, even. If God allows me to live on this earth after they are grown, I will have time for these pursuits. If not, I believe by caring for my children, I have spent the time wisely. They will be grown before I can say “Jack Spratt”, and I’ll have a box of cards staring at me, as if saying “Well, you finally have time to get to me now!” I’ll probably want to sit in the floor next to the box and cry. I’ll be remembering pudgy hands holding mine, bright blue eyes filled with joy and excited voices telling me of a new exploit. I’ll only have some photos (if I print them out), scribbled drawings and misspelled birthday cards to remind me that, yes, they actually were that small once. My house will have less clutter. The floors will be cleaner. I may have days when I can do all the laundry in one or two loads! My homeschool books will be collecting dust and the school room will be eerily quiet.
Today, the house is wild with activity! I have a curly headed three year old singing a silly song to me and laughing merrily. I have a 10 and 7 year old discussing plans for a new club house in the back yard. My five year old can’t wait to start kindergarten – her eager anticipation is contagious and her sweet smile brightens my days. I have a tiny babe kicking inside me, as if to say, “I can’t wait to join you guys!” I’m tired. The laundry is piling up, and the floors are not that clean. I need to dust. School books sit, ready to be used in a few weeks, as we begin another year, that will likely fly by. We might lose someone’s dress shoes today. Milk will be spilled at the table. (On the newly mopped floor, no doubt!) Bickering will occur once (or twice!) more. They will tear their clothes, step in mud, or drop a dish and break it. It will be chaotic – and then it will be peaceful – right before the chaos returns.
And I plan to enjoy every minute of it.

2 thoughts on “Someday…

  1. Kristy... says:

    What a beautiful post …
    I was just discussing with a friend, who was leaving to go out of town for her 3rd time without her children this year … While that is fine with her, my husband and I feel that our nests will be empty soon enough and we will have PLENTY of time to go on those trips just him and I .. in fact.. we will want to as we will just not know what to do with ourselves.
    It goes by too fast and while I dont always take the time to smell the flowers like I should I do try… For, we will never get this time back… and what an amazing time that it is.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You are wise to have this perspective on life. I hate to tell you that the years whiz by faster each year–they really do!


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