I have been SO blessed to get to know many of you readers in person. I feel like I know some of you very well, even those of you I’ve never met, from reading your blogs or via Facebook. You are all a blessing and an encouragement to me. I appreciate your reading here and I really appreciate the comments some of you leave me.

Recently, I received a very special package in the mail. It was from a sweet lady who is a member of my in-law’s church. She mentioned that she reads my blog, and she sent me the MOST beautiful handmade thank you notes and notebooks that I’ve ever seen! I wanted to post a special thank you to her here, and share with the rest of you her wonderful artwork – for that’s what these cards are – works of art!

She made the cover of this notebook!
And this one, too!
Aren’t these lovely!!!
Back in February, we were facing a rough time. I was just coming out of a two month sickness-stupor from my pregnancy, when Laci had a febrile seizure. She had caught a terrible stomach virus which caused her fever to go from 99 degrees to 102 degrees in a matter of minutes. She recovered, thank the Lord, but I also caught the same virus. 😦 Laci was sick for two days, I was sick for 8! Around that time, this same sweet lady sent me one of her cards telling me that she was praying for all of us. It was such a blessing! I know the Lord was in it! Her card, which had lemons on it and was all in yellow, was so beautiful and cheerful, that I kept it on my window sill over my kitchen sink so I could enjoy it daily. It was a great reminder that the Lord cares about me, though I don’t understand why He does. What a blessing! Sadly, it got knocked off into the sink when it had water in it and got ruined, but I enjoyed it for several months before that happened! And then, a few days ago, I received another kind note from her and these handmade cards! Another blessing!
I just want to send out a thank you to her, and to the Lord. God is so good to lift us up when we need it. And after just having my fifth baby, I needed the “uplifting”! 

Praising the Lord,

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