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Shrinky Dinks Provide Summer Fun!

We were blessed by a visit from a local pastor and his wife this past week. They dropped by to deliver a beautiful afghan that she had made and to see our newest addition. 🙂 They were so kind to think of our other four children as well! They gave us a gift bag full of crayons, clay, coloring books and pencils, light up sticks (the kind your bend and it glows!), as well as several other creativity-inducing items. It was a blessing! These things occupied my children for hours! One of the items she gave us is called “Shrinky Dinks”. I had never heard of them, but now that I have, I want to get more!
They are made of a material that will shrink up and harden when heated in an oven! The kids colored them with colored pencils and then we placed them on a cookie sheet and baked them, according to the directions and voila! The finished product is so cute! You can use them for a key chain ornament, or clip anywhere.

I’m hoping I can find these at Hobby Lobby! These made little robots!
Here they are after we baked them. (I  forgot a “before” photo!) Before they shrank, each part of the robot was nearly touching the one beneath it, so that gives you an idea of their original size.
Here’s Lauren with her creation. 🙂 
Here’s Mitchell’s! Sorry I didn’t get a close up! After they cooled, they fastened each part of the robot body to the other with little metal hangers that came in the kit.
If you’re needing a fun and fast craft item to occupy your kids during the hot and humid days of summer, you might try these! 🙂


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