I was in a Christian school which used the A.C.E. materials for 10 years of my life. I’ll be honest, whenever I headed over to the public elementary school where my mother taught, and saw the glossy covered books, gigantic maps and mini science labs, I felt as though I was getting the short end of the stick. Our Christian school was small, and couldn’t afford many of these luxuries.The emphasis was on the Bible, and they taught it well. Looking back, I can see that I still got a quality education from the A.C.E. materials (and my parents’ teaching at home), but it just wasn’t the same.

Now, here I am, some…years…later, and I am using A.C.E. with two of my five children. We are almost through with our first week, and so far, I am very pleased. In fact, I’m wondering why I was so hard on it before? Here are some things I like about these materials:

1. The children can work much more independently with A.C.E. than with our previous materials. This is a such a blessing to me as I care for our five week old baby! I really cannot even put into words how helpful this has been.

2. The children are learning to set their goals and they can actually see them being completed. They are crossing off each subject as they go, and that has been rewarding.

3. Lauren (sixth grade) had an assignment to use the dictionary the last two days. She has used one before, but not very much. This was a weakness she had that I had not known about! I’m glad to see this gap being filled for her.

4. A specific Christian character trait is taught throughout each booklet (PACE).

5. Fewer materials to keep up with, so less clutter! 🙂

I have noticed that the materials have been revised since I used them years ago. There are several easy and fun “hands-on” activities included now! They are perfect for a homeschooling mom. I am also adding a few of my own art projects and family read alouds to enhance the day. Right now, I’m reading Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry by Mildred Taylor to my older children. It’s a moving story that we are enjoying.

I’m using the Abeka materials with my Kindergartener and three year old. Yes, between the five of them, I am hopping most of the day! But that’s a good thing! Job security! 😉

Our school days are finding a rhythm and we are learning to march to it. No matter what is happening at the Basham household, one thing is sure: everyday is an adventure!

Enjoying the adventure,

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