Lauren wanted to go bowling and eat at Golden Corral for her birthday. We had planned to do these things on her actual birthday, the 27th, but when we found out that Golden Corral let kids eat for $1.99 on Tuesdays, we decided to save some moolah and head over early. It turned out to be a bigger blessing than just allowing us to save some money. As a pastor, my husband must be on call, so to speak, 24/7/365. On Wednesday, he received a call that a lady in our church lost her mother that morning. The visitation would be on Friday and the funeral on Saturday. My husband spent Wed., Thurs. & Sat. ministering to this dear family. I was so thankful that the Lord led us to celebrate Lauren’s birthday a bit early. We were able to make Lauren feel special and loved, as well as care for a sweet family in our church. We were able to have her birthday cake and presents at lunch time on her actual birthday, and my mother was able to join us as well! We had a wonderful time.
Here are some photo highlights of Lauren’s birthday, as well as a few other bits ‘n’ pieces of our week. :]

“We’re ready to bowl!!”
Doesn’t she look older? *sniff sniff*

Her first attempts did not please her at all, but I thought she did great! This was only her second time to bowl.

Dad stepped in with some coaching and she did much better after that! 

Mitchell didn’t care about points or skill, he just had fun.

I just love Leslie’s smile! 

Laci was told to “watch her fingers” so she waited patiently…most of the time. 😉

Yes, that ball is moving, though you can barely tell. She could have turned three somersaults while waiting on it to reach the pins. I kid you not! Of course, we didn’t let her…

Leslie takes her turn with Tonto at her side.

I was the photographer and “Matthew watcher”. I think I had more fun than anyone else. 🙂

Of course, in the end, my handsome man won the game. We enjoyed watching him bowl – his ball went much faster than the others! The kids were quite impressed! 🙂

Lauren enjoyed her birthday meal at Golden Corral, in fact, we all did. 

She chose chocolate cake, with Cool Whip frosting and strawberries all over it. She loved having all those candles, too! 🙂

Mitchell got her a DVD she’d been wanting called “Tom & Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes”. It was a cute film, and I was glad she isn’t all grown up just yet. She still likes cartoons!

Leslie and Laci got her a jump rope and some glow sticks. She also got lots of cards with cash in them!! 🙂 Terry and I gave her a gift card to Wal-M*rt. We weren’t exactly sure what she wanted – she tends to change her mind! heehee!

Aunt Melanie made this lovely pillow case! It says “Sweet Dreams” in a very feminine stitch.

Laci played dress up in one of Lauren’s dresses this week. 

Matthew likes his bath time, especially when we use the soft towel that Aunt Melanie lovingly cross-stitched for him. 

The kids found this bird’s nest in the low branches of one of our trees. I would like to find out what kind of bird made it. 

This past Sunday, I came in to get ready for church and found my girls giving Matthew the royal treatment! 

I think he might be getting spoiled…hmmm. Well, at least he’s loved. 🙂

He’s ready for church, and looking a bit sleepy! 
Sunday afternoon, I got to spend some time with him on my bed. Here he is trying to get his head up more.

Tada!! HE DID IT! My sweet boy is growing up. I’m so glad I get to be a stay at home mom – I love my “job”!

Wishing you a wonderful week,

2 thoughts on “Our Week in Pictures

  1. Awe….awesome pics!

    Your kids are all cutie pies!

    Thanks for sharing all the pics and taking the time to post them!

    What a wonderful week filled with beautiful memories!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I LOVED The photos!!!! PRECIOUS!!!!

    Love and miss all of you,


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