Dreams really do come true. It takes a lot of prayer and work, but I’m living proof that it can happen! After working on and off for nine years to be published, I have finally gotten an article in print! I submitted something to Home School Enrichment magazine and they actually accepted it! Can you believe it? I still can’t! I haven’t received my copy yet, but I’ve heard from good friends that it’s really there! I’m about ready to camp out by the mailbox till mine arrives. I have submitted a few more articles that will, Lord willing, appear in later issues. I am also working on two more right now. I hope and pray God can use my writing, both here and elsewhere, for His honor and glory.

To celebrate the occasion, my mom did a wonderful thing for me. She sent me the lovely bouquet above! What a great boost to my day! In fact, I was cleaning the chalkboard when the delivery lady knocked on the door. 🙂 The best part, however, was the enclosed card. It said, “Yea John-boy! I’m so proud of you! Love, Mother” The “John-boy” reference is a little family joke. When I started writing a while back, my sister said once, “You’re gonna be our ‘John-boy’!” John-boy, of course, was the character who wrote about his family in TV show, “The Waltons”. He made it to the big-time when he started writing for a newspaper and later, a novel. I doubt I’ll ever have the success that John-boy had, but it won’t be for lack of material. My family is every bit as loving and remarkable as his, I just don’t have his talent, or six other siblings. :]

I am so grateful to see years of hard work and hundreds of thousands of words finally bring forth fruit. Instead of rotting in my drawer or on my hard drive, a few of them will actually see the light of day! What a joy!! I’m sitting on cloud nine! I can’t begin to count the number of rejections, or worse, the no responses, I’ve received over the years. It did make the acceptance that much sweeter, though. :]

I thank the Lord for opening the doors for me to have this opportunity. I also want to thank you, friend, for reading. Blogging or writing would be pointless without you. 🙂

Filled with gratitude,

3 thoughts on “Cloud Nine

  1. jill says:

    Congratulations! That is fantastic.


  2. Valerie,

    A friend of mine sent me a link to your blog yesterday. I'm anxious to look through it. Congratulations on your HSE article. I have written for them for the past year. I love the magazine and in my opinion it is the best homeschooling magazine out there.

    I am also a pastor's wife. In fact, I am in the process of writing a book for pastor's wives. Actually, that was my first intention but through the encouragement of my dear husband I have now extended it into three parts. The first section is for young girls before marriage, the second section for married women, and the third for women with husbands in ministry.

    Again, congratulations! I look forward to reading your article.

    Kimberly Williams


  3. Congratulations!!! That's great!


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