We have completed three weeks of school! Yippee! We are using the A.C.E. program for 3rd and 6th grades this year. This curriculum choice has freed me up to care for our seven week old baby, teach Leslie K5 using the Abeka materials, and spend time with Laci, age 3. In the A.C.E. program, a student completes a workbook every three weeks and is tested on the material. To pass, they must make 90% or higher on the Self-Test (practice test), and 80% or higher on the  actual test. When you pass a test, you get to put a star on a chart.The kids completed their first Paces this week in each subject and passed with no problem. They were so excited to put up their first stars!
Leslie had a good week also. She has learned all of her vowel sounds, how to write them and how to write 1 and 2. She is loving the games and songs that we do. I think her favorite time is art time though! She told me that she would like to be an artist someday. Our home school support group is starting an art class (taught by someone who actually knows art!) at the end of the month! I know they all will really enjoy that, especially Leslie! :]
Here are some photos from our week:
We made little work-stations for the kids in our dining room. Looks like they are working hard, at the time this pic was taken, anyway! lol!

Leslie loves playing the learning games. 

Some of the work we did in K5 this week.

Laci does some “school” each day, too. 🙂
I just thought this wall was pretty with all the colors. :]

Lauren, checking her work.

Putting up their first stars of the year!!

Looking good. :]

Mitchell wanted to rock Matthew a few days ago, I couldn’t resist taking a pic!

He got him to sleep!!

This week, I trimmed about four inches off of Lauren’s hair. It was getting kinda…stringy.

My mom sent me flowers which I posted about HERE. Every time I walked into our dining room, I immediately felt better! I couldn’t resist taking a pictures so I would always have the memory. 

I loved the way they looked on my table. See the reflection? 
Hope you had a great week!


2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Looks like everyone is having a great time learning. Awesome job!

    Great job on cutting Laurens hair too!


  2. I commented earlier and then I got an error message so I'm going to try again.

    First of all, your Matthew is precious! SO Adorable! Mitchell looks so very proud to have a little brother. 🙂

    We also do A.C.E. You school area looks great! It looks like you're really created a great atmosphere for learning!


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